Friday, June 13, 2008

fridays suck

i am tired. the week is over and i think i have more to do in the 2 days of the weekend then all week. i'm exhausted just thinking of what i need to do.

i am also missing my oldest child. she decided to go to a spend the night party with her friends. 13 is a great age to be carefree. Rachel is a fun girl and she has some really sweet girl friends. i just wish her friends would rub off on her in the ways of being disciplined in her school work.

i took the kids over to becky and chad's today to swim. the boy kept trying to get in on his own. considering he is only 17 months old and would have quickly drowned i didnt allow it. he kept me on my toes.

eli finished school yesterday. she is so happy to be out. i'm glad she is getting a break. the bad thing is she is so "active" that she will be bored and her boredom breeds major attitude. i'm already looking forward to sending her to her class that she gets to take for july. (does that make me a bad mom?)

and my darling Abby Grace got very upset today when i had the audacity to call eli a princess too - my princess. i believe Abby thinks she is my only princess. i'm surprised she doesnt realize it but she is the queen - we are all just her maids in waiting.

isnt it sad about tim russert dying today? his poor family.