Sunday, September 22, 2013

Esther the Olympian in training

Today was a first in parenting for me. We all were outside moving chickens around & Esther was mad because she couldn't sit in the house & play electronics. 
I had asked her to walk 3 small pieces of wood back to the burn pile with Rachel and she refused.
I told her if she didnt take it I would have to spank her. She dropped the wood when I handed it to her & took off running from me, screaming.
I was completely caught off guard. My children dont run from me when faced with punishment.  It just doesn't happen.  I was a bit dumbfounded but shook myself & chased that future olympic sprinter down. She is fast & I actually was surprised I caught her with my arthritic bones acting up. She was wearing a maxi skirt...which benefited me.
I caught up with her,  popped her plump bottom & told her to go get the wood & take it to the burn pile.
She did....screaming the whole way. When she got to the burn pile she threw that wood in with all of the force she could muster.
Then she turned & crossed her arms over her chest & stood there. It took her a few minutes to swallow her little pride & join me again in the yard..but all was well now.

This picture that our friend took at her daughter's 3rd birthday photo shoot sums up Esther with all her attitude perfectly. This girl will give me a run for my money....more so than she already had done.

Photo Credit: Journey Through Life Photography,  Chesapeake, VA