Wednesday, May 30, 2012

19 years & counting

Clay & I celebrated 19 years of marriage yesterday. It has gone by fast. We are not perfect but we are commited to this deal & will walk it out...whatever may come our way.
we bought ourselves a king sized sleep number bed. the king size was for me & the sleep number was for him. i have been begging for a bigger bed for years now. we always have a kid in our bed....ALWAYS!!! and he ALWAYS complains of back problems because he has a bad back...but then again so do i. i have rheumatoid arthritis & my spine is miserable every morning - and with the pregnancy it doesnt help. there are many mornings after sleeping on our lumpy queen sized bed that i wake up almost in tears because my back & hips hurt so badly. supposedly the sleep number bed helps eleviate 93% of all back problems. we will see. we also got a great deal on a flat screen, 32", HD television for our bedroom. we had an old magnovox...probably about 20 years old that has been on it's death bed for a while...BUT it still works enough to be moved upstairs for the kids to use with their Wii.

today i had to deliver a package that i sold on ebay (the lady actually lives in town so it saved on shipping). when i got home i was wiped out so i decided to rest a bit. i heard the water in the hall bathroom running & i also heard esther & asher talking & giggling. i shouted for them to get out. esther came running out & said that asher was using the bathroom. so i told her ok but she needed not be in there with him while he is going potty. she said ok & moved on. well asher kept on. he just lingered so long. and i kept hearing splashing water.

i will show you the pictures of what rachel took when i got up to investigate. (he did get a spanking).

he was up sitting in the sink of water when i found him. rachel came running back and asked if she could take a picture. i said sure but bring the paddle back when you come (that's what i am holding in the background). the cute little smile didnt last long.
but man he is cute!!! he tells me all the time "mama you my favorite!"

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ruthie it is!

well we found out yesterday that the baby is a girl. the tech had cautioned me at 13 weeks that those early ultrasounds were not accurate on sexing the babies & to not hold her to it....i guess i didnt listen. i was expecting her to again tell us that we were having a boy....but nope....we are having another girl. Clay came to this appointment & he & i just laughed. what else could we do? so that will make 5 girls & 2 boys. girl, girl, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl,......Clay is not happy with the girl, boy, girl, boy, girl scenerio but what are we going to do about it now? it is the birth order we have. and quite frankly all of the kids get along well....well the 4 youngest get along great and the 2 oldest girls are tentative friends. and of course the 2 oldest girls get along well with the 4 youngest.

anyway so now i have to change my needs for this baby. when we had Levi I gave away all of my 0-12 month girl clothes....all of them....EVERY PIECE!!!!! so now i need to work on baby girl clothes for an early October baby girl.
everything else on my previous "needs" list stays the same. except for the cute boy outfits...and there is so much more to choose from out there for little girls!! i have also decided i need to find some big foofoo headbands & get them on her the moment she is born as the last 2 little girls that entered our home will not allow brades or bows or ribbons in their hair. i want Ruthie to think the bow is part of her head!!! .....anyway, the outfits will change to something like this.....

going home outfits or sunday outfits:

Girls White Smocked Bishop Dress - Willbeth
Newborn Girls Pink Smocked Daydress - Feltman Brothers

dedication outfit:

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

meet sophie "le girafe"

sophie is the one toy that when i saw it i had to have it for the new baby. this will be the only toy i buy for this baby. i have a very short list of needs - well wants - for this baby. he (we find out friday for sure) will get his special blankets, a going home outfit & a dedication outfit. otherwise...he is set.

i love the barefoot dreams blankets for babies. they are a mix of silky with organic cotton. the last 4 kids all have these 2 blankets in different colors.

he will be getting the cream colored has a crown on it. Levi has the espresso one, Asher has the blue one, Abigail has the Pink one and Esther has a different cream one with a pram embroidered on it. they are all different. Plus this one has a pillow. Levi's does also & he loves his. he sleeps on his pillow & has to be covered in his blanket first & his special quilt given to him by Mrs. Jenny second.

Barefoot Dreams Cloud Velvet Nap-to-Go

these are the receiving blankets. this baby will be getting the cream colored one with the espresso backing. it has an elephant embroidered on it. Abigail has the pink one. Asher has a burnt sand colored one, Esther has the cream colored one & Levi has the seaglass colored one. I think that's the deal. Maybe Asher's is blue but for some reason i thought it was sold out. But anyway they each have these 2 special blankets. they are keepsakes that can be passed on to their children....or i will keep them and give them to the grandchildren of my choice!!

Rachel & Elizabeth both have special blankets also. Rachel's was given to her by my sister Christi when Rachel was just 10 months old. Her first Christmas. It has Pooh Bear on it and has fringe around the edge. Rachel would tickle her nose with the fringe at night to get to sleep. Rachel still sleeps with it but sadly it is in tatters. I told her to put it up so I could sew it to some white muslin to perserve it but she cant seem to part with it. I told her it needed to stay clean because to wash it again will surely destroy it beyond repair and that would be sad. the reality is it is beyond repair now...but i thought we could perserve what is left of it.
Elizabeth has a pale pastel one with 4 different colors on it. Her's in in good shape. It also has fringe and it is on her bed as well everynight. It is the one thing - plus a little stuffed bug (i think a butterfly) with one missing antenea that she has from her life before become ours forever. it is a cherished possession for her.

Here is the type of outfit I will find to bring him home in. I love the smocked rompers. they are timeless. and notice the giraffe!
Infant Boys White Romper with Blue Embroidered Giraffe Sarah Louise

and he will be dedicated in something like this. again, it has a timeless look. i'm not about putting a baby boy in a dedication "gown" but a special white outfit is needed.

Sarah Louise Boys White Christening Romper & Cap

and then there is my diaper bag that i MUST HAVE for this baby. i get a new one with each baby. they end up being purses so i need them to, while having the function of a diaper bag, be versatile enough to look like a handbag. well if you know anything about petunia pickle bottom....they have the best bags that serve both purposes.  i have generally stuck with the "touring totes" but they have a new style out that i LOVE!!!! the sashay satchel!! i have narrowed it down - finally - to the "evening in innsbruck" fabric pattern this go around. isnt it lovely?!

so yep, those 5 things i will be getting throughout the summer in preparation of this baby as our budget allows. everything else is taken care of for him.....clothes, cloth diapers, breast feeding, bassinet....everything else is covered. he just needs his special things! (well his mommy needs him to have them!) i am in the process of selling a few things on ebay to offset the cost of these extra things as i do feel badly at their cost...but with my obsessive compulsive nature...i will have them for the baby.

it helps me stay up. i know i'm not the only one who uses retail therapy to keep their moods up. i am still a bit depressed. doing better, but's hard to get past some things. but i look at my kids...all of my babies, from my oldest at 17 to my youngest at 18 months....they are so wonderful - every single one of them...and i can get past so much because i am their Mom. they need me to be the best i can be...without baggage weighing me down.

and also, Clay & I will celebrate 19 years of marriage come next Tuesday. it seems like time has flown by and the reality has. he is a good guy who tries to do what is right. he is an excellent provider and continuing to grow better every day in his role as the Dad. we have had our ups & downs, but through it all...we made a commitment...regardless of the walk this deal out..and walking we are. this was our verse when he asked me to marry him....

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12

Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day 2012

my greatest joy, my greatest blessings

Sunday, May 6, 2012

flashy update

here's our sweet pup. if we are correct with our dates, flashy turned 1 on or around April 19th. he is still our sweet guy. he loves to come in the house, lay on the cold floor at my feet....that would be my foot in the picture. i was making strawberry jam. he laid there, enjoying the rest.

we did find a great home for readen and peace has reigned in our home concerning the dogs. flashy hasnt seemed to be too upset at her leaving and quite frankly, neither have the children. it really has been better for everyone.

we only have one complaint about flashy....well maybe 2......he stinks to high heaven....majorly stinks. it might have something to do with catching him with dead frogs & rolling all over their rotting carcasses. but he is a hound dog so i guess we cant expect much.
also his bark can raise the dead - literally!!!! but he has the bark of a beagle & to hear him bay on the back porch is really a delight.

i'm sure if Clay were writing this particular blog post he would say there are 3 complaints....flashy digs multiple holes....all over. he just digs & barks into the hole. it's very humorous. and he is a puppy still.

anyway, regardless of his minor faults.....we love this dog. he and calpurnia both have been allowed back into the the living space with the kids and i on a regular basis. flashy's favorite spot is passed out on any one of the recliners or sofas. he's not particular in that regard. and for the record, Asher & Levi both adore this dog. they are always poking him, kissing him, petting him. pulling on him, laying on him....whatever boys do with their dogs. they love this dog. i'm glad we have him.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
-Josh Billings

Friday, May 4, 2012

everyday i write the book

so i'm not a huge elvis costello fan & the words of the song dont apply but the title does!
everyday we are writing the book!! a new page, a new chapter in our family. we have been busy.
here is a photo montage of the goings on around here.

this baby starling was given to us by our neighbor to try and save. he didnt make it.

this is our new island....with my little sick model (she has said all day long "mama, me bery sick"). we just picked out the counter top for it now and will have to order it. it's very nice & i'm thankful for Clay getting it. i needed the cabinet space & food prep space. we never seem to have enough room.

rachel being the model. i told her i was putting these pictures on here & she said "ok".

we picked about 9 1/2 lbs of strawberries today. they are good!!! asher was very selective of the berries he picked & he barely covered the bottom of his bucket. so when we were leaving rachel combined her very full basket with asher's barely any basket & he said to rachel "you did a good job picking my strawberries rachel!" that boy is so funny.

this would be the strawberry shortcake i made - fresh strawberries, pound cake & whipped cream. needless to say 1/2 is gone. it was dessert after supper.

rachel posing again with her bucket of strawberries.

this is the flower garden i put in this week. there are gladiolus bulbs, peony roots, and tons of dahli bulbs/roots & some day lilies underneath those pretty annual flowers. I cant wait for the bulbs to take off & produce. it's very exciting. i have wanted some flower beds for a long time now. next i want to put one on the other side of my clothes line & load it with roses.

abigail & asher playing with the box that the kitchen island came home in. who needs toys when you have big boxes?!

levi was a bear this afternoon after a 4 hour nap. he cried at everything. so while i was taking pictures & fixing supper Clay rode him around (and sick esther too) in the go-kart. they love it. clay was crawling along & they are just thrilled. and levi quit screaming.

these are our cemantis plants. they are on a trellis up the side of our little shed that houses our animal feeds, cats & lawn mower. they are my favorite. they are gorgeous & come back more prolific every year.

this is our garden. it looks bare, but i assure you it is planted. there are a ton of plants & seeds in there....watermelon, tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, jalapeno hot peppers, cucumbers, 4 different types of sweet corn, purple hull peas (best pea ever!), fordhook lima beans, onions (tons), garlic, squash, zucchine, and tons of canteloupe - as well as some beautiful sunflowers for good measure. i plan on putting in potatoes soon & pumpkins. as it grows & we get the pine straw around the plants to keep the moisture in (pine straw courtesy of Ms. Robin's yard & hard work) i will update the pictures.

we purchased some apple trees from a catalog last year - as well as some climbing rose bushes. we lined the rose bushes up along liberty's cage/kennel & they are gorgeous....a sunset/pink colored one (not pictured) and these sweet pale pink ones. i dont know about you but i DO NOT like red roses. for whatever reason they just dont impress me...but white or yellow or pink or orange...oh yea! 

this is coco chanel. she is a frizzled polish. she has a mate, wolverine (not shown & named courtesy of asher) that is a white & black mottled polish. we bought the eggs off of ebay & hatched them out in our own incubator. i was not happy with our last few hatch rates but the 3 chickens we got out of our 50 or so eggs are pretty special.....especially coco chanel.

 this is ariel, a white leghorn. the lone chick that hatched out on Easter Sunday. i surely hope she is a hen & not a rooster. esther will not be happy as she is in love with ariel.

of course you remember buble', the pig & lola, the goat. they are so much fun. asher, abigail & esther love to run out to them & pull leaves off the trees or grass out of the ditches & feed them. i know these 2 animals are glad to see us put in our garden as they get a lot of the excess & the cast off. buble' is especially cute these days...his tusks have started to come in.

we also purchased some pear trees, peach trees, & a plum & fig tree last year. this is our pear tree...keifer pears. i was so ecstatic when i saw the fruit on the tree. i thought for sure we would have to wait another year or 2 for the trees to start producing, but nope.....every single tree we put in last year ---- EVERY ONE OF OUR FRUIT TREES is producing....they all have their particular fruit growing on their trees. i am beyond thrilled. i didnt put a picture of our grapevines or our blackberries but they are putting out also!

this is our apple orchard (i use the term orchard loosely) of 5 apple trees. we bought 4 trees - "old timer heirloom" apple trees from Jung Seed last year. they are either semi-dwarf or dwarf apple trees. (so we can actually pick without the need of a ladder). they were 2 year old saplings when we planted them last year. so they are 3 years old. they all have apples. the one on the end we got at walmart last year. it's a granny smith (abigail loves the green apples better). again, fruit growing on the tree. the cinder block gardens in between the trees has strawberries in them. some 10 june bearing plants already putting out & about 7 everbearing that will probably produce next year & not this year. either way strawberry plants last 3 years. i did not know that. i forgot to take a picture of my asparagus bed. we put about 30 crowns in this year. asparagus last upwards of 25 years. we got 1st year crowns so we will need to wait for 2 more years to actually harvest but i'm thrilled.

as you can see Clay found a few more riders. i know this picture probably scares some people as that is the wrong way to ride in a go kart....but he was super careful...super slow. and it kept everyone happy until supper was on the table.

can you see the apples?!! EXCITING!!

LOOK AT THE PEACHES!!!! we bought these peach trees last year at walmart. these are elberta peaches. look how cute & little they look. man i'm so excited. can not wait to see how it all turns out.
we also purchased 3 pecan trees. they have foliage & are doing well in our side yard up front, but it will be a few more years before they bear fruit. i wouldnt mind adding a few more.

as i was finishing up snapping pictures i couldnt help but weep just a little at how good God is to us. we planted all of these trees to be good stewards. we do not know what the economy is going to do & i want to put up as much as i can to have for later. i also want to be a blessing to our neighbors & friends. my kids love the fruit & what the garden produces. but God is good in that everything we have planted...without really knowing how except to put in in the ground, pray over it & let it grow (yes we pray over our trees & garden as we plant). only by His grace do these trees produce. i really am ever so grateful.

i was telling Clay that & he looked over at the kids in the go kart with him & said "yep we have tons of fruit on our tree." isnt that the truth?

Lord let us be found faithful in raising them. Make them a blessing to others around them. I pray they grow to glorify you in all they do.

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:22-23