Saturday, May 26, 2012

Ruthie it is!

well we found out yesterday that the baby is a girl. the tech had cautioned me at 13 weeks that those early ultrasounds were not accurate on sexing the babies & to not hold her to it....i guess i didnt listen. i was expecting her to again tell us that we were having a boy....but nope....we are having another girl. Clay came to this appointment & he & i just laughed. what else could we do? so that will make 5 girls & 2 boys. girl, girl, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl,......Clay is not happy with the girl, boy, girl, boy, girl scenerio but what are we going to do about it now? it is the birth order we have. and quite frankly all of the kids get along well....well the 4 youngest get along great and the 2 oldest girls are tentative friends. and of course the 2 oldest girls get along well with the 4 youngest.

anyway so now i have to change my needs for this baby. when we had Levi I gave away all of my 0-12 month girl clothes....all of them....EVERY PIECE!!!!! so now i need to work on baby girl clothes for an early October baby girl.
everything else on my previous "needs" list stays the same. except for the cute boy outfits...and there is so much more to choose from out there for little girls!! i have also decided i need to find some big foofoo headbands & get them on her the moment she is born as the last 2 little girls that entered our home will not allow brades or bows or ribbons in their hair. i want Ruthie to think the bow is part of her head!!! .....anyway, the outfits will change to something like this.....

going home outfits or sunday outfits:

Girls White Smocked Bishop Dress - Willbeth
Newborn Girls Pink Smocked Daydress - Feltman Brothers

dedication outfit:

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