Wednesday, May 30, 2012

19 years & counting

Clay & I celebrated 19 years of marriage yesterday. It has gone by fast. We are not perfect but we are commited to this deal & will walk it out...whatever may come our way.
we bought ourselves a king sized sleep number bed. the king size was for me & the sleep number was for him. i have been begging for a bigger bed for years now. we always have a kid in our bed....ALWAYS!!! and he ALWAYS complains of back problems because he has a bad back...but then again so do i. i have rheumatoid arthritis & my spine is miserable every morning - and with the pregnancy it doesnt help. there are many mornings after sleeping on our lumpy queen sized bed that i wake up almost in tears because my back & hips hurt so badly. supposedly the sleep number bed helps eleviate 93% of all back problems. we will see. we also got a great deal on a flat screen, 32", HD television for our bedroom. we had an old magnovox...probably about 20 years old that has been on it's death bed for a while...BUT it still works enough to be moved upstairs for the kids to use with their Wii.

today i had to deliver a package that i sold on ebay (the lady actually lives in town so it saved on shipping). when i got home i was wiped out so i decided to rest a bit. i heard the water in the hall bathroom running & i also heard esther & asher talking & giggling. i shouted for them to get out. esther came running out & said that asher was using the bathroom. so i told her ok but she needed not be in there with him while he is going potty. she said ok & moved on. well asher kept on. he just lingered so long. and i kept hearing splashing water.

i will show you the pictures of what rachel took when i got up to investigate. (he did get a spanking).

he was up sitting in the sink of water when i found him. rachel came running back and asked if she could take a picture. i said sure but bring the paddle back when you come (that's what i am holding in the background). the cute little smile didnt last long.
but man he is cute!!! he tells me all the time "mama you my favorite!"

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