Wednesday, June 6, 2012


we finally have a thorough diagnosis for our daughter, Elizabeth.

she has Central Auditory Processing Disorder along with a lack of her working memory.

an excellent website that explains this disorder is located here:

or any website by Judith W. Paton concerning CAPD.

Also a fellow homeschooling family has dealt with this issue (is still dealing with it as it's ongoing) and the mother posted a very good blog post concerning it here:

we are currently finishing up a hearing test & looking for a tutor with creative ways to help Elizabeth in her educational pursuits.

While we are a bit behind in having a final diagnosis of her learning disabilities & in regards to her educational level, we are believe she can overcome her disability & not let it hold her back from what she is called to do in her life.

please continue to pray for her and that we will be directed to the right therapies, curriculums, tutors, etc...that will help Elizabeth.

this diagnosis has really been an "on the road to damascus" type revelation to me concerning Elizabeth. the reality is, Elizabeth isnt purposefully or willfully trying to drive me to frustration. She isnt as unattentive or disobedient as I have assumed in the past. I have realized that my approach to the daily misunderstandings with her are really out of her scope of processing correctly most of the time. dont get me wrong....Elizabeth can still be willfully disobedient & disrespectful....but it's not nearly as purposeful as I originally assumed. I have been dealing with repentance as I have assumed the worst and been frustrated consistently in dealing with her. my poor sorry I am for not being the mother she has needed me to be in regards to her needing patience and understanding. the day is soon coming when she & i will need to sit down & i will need to ask her forgiveness. 
please pray for us as we navigate this journey of teaching her to cope - as well as we learn to cope with this disability.

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