Friday, November 27, 2009


i am up alone as usual...watching one of my favorite movies of all times (Goodfellas - but i'm not endorsing it)...and thankfulness.
we drove home from SC today. We had a nice Thanksgiving with my Mom, Dad & Sisters & their families....minus our 7-layered salad (inside joke with the family!).
i am sitting here thinking about the question i heard several times this week..."what are you thankful for?" - even my Elizabeth asked me...of course the expected & anticipated answer is...."my family" or "you" (to the asker)....but seriously...what am i deep down thankful for....

i'm thankful that i'm loved. that's the prominent thought in my head. i'm thankful that i'm a heavenly father...whose arms are so long i cant out run their reach, by a man who puts me first & never lets me down in the important things, by my children who love me with a smile & a whisper that can never be replaced by money or fame and love me....just like God....just as i am, and this may sound so silly, but my dogs love me....the wag of their tails & the lick of the tongues tell me how much. i'm thankful also for friends who accept me as i am and encouragement to be a better person.
i'm thankful for a mom, dad, & sisters who have loved me through the years & though we are not perfect...we have a common bond...common memories...we are family.
yes, i'm thankful i am loved.

Friday, November 13, 2009

calpurnia & the 3 best smells!

this is calpurnia, our new yorkie...Well not our..but mine! she is so darling. she is 10 weeks old and so sweet. the kids adore her as do i.
there are 3 smells (in my opinion) to which nothing compares: the smell of a baby's head, puppy breathe, and the smell of your man's neck. well she has puppy breathe...i get to smell my baby esther's head.... and on occasion i'm in the mood to smell my man's neck! life couldn't get any better. have a good weekend.