Monday, October 15, 2012

Ruth is Here!

Ruth Eleanor
19.5" long

we had her newborn pictures made yesterday. when i have more energy & more time I will write an extended post. Ruth is a delight. a quiet baby...very calm & not demanding. she is beautiful & we are all delighted with her.
we had her pictures made though a young girl we went to church with long ago. She isnt a young girl anymore...she is a grown woman, married, with 2 children. She has an in home studio & is starting to specialize in newborn photos. Journey Through Life Photography.
I can not wait to get the rest of the pictures. this was a sneak peak one & i am thrilled!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

more for Ruth

i have been super motivated these last few days...really keeping my mind busy or else i will be an emotional mess.

here are a few other things i made yesterday for Ruth:
and elf hat in purple/pink/white & a cute Owl Hat. I love Owls!!

and this is another elf hat in a varigated yarn with a matching diaper cover. the buttons are antiques from Clay's grandmother. i cant wait for Ruth's newborn pictures! she's going to have a few outfit changes in them!

 I'm going to attempt some booties later today. this website that i found off of Pinterest has free crochet patterns (***LOVE***)... . this lady's blog is wonderful for food & crochet crafts & ideas.

Monday, October 1, 2012

ready for Ruth

i have been preparing a few things in anticipation of giving birth to Ruth. I like to embroider & crochet. i like to make things or add to things that the kids can keep & possibly have for their own kids one day. who knows. i have tried to make each of the last 4 children their own personalized receiving blankets....basically add a crochet edge to the blankets. i am one of those women who, when she has a baby, she dresses them immediately in the clothes she wants for them & swaddles them in their own blankets. I dont like to use the hospital gowns or hospital blankets. thankfully at the hospital we use, Depaul, they have no problem with that & seem to really go to great lengths to make sure all of the new baby things are returned each morning after the baby's bath.
so here are a few things that i have made (or purchased) for Ruth.

This is a cocoon. i love a baby in white. Ruth will be having newborn pictures made within 3 weeks of her birth so she needed a special outfit. the big green flower is just clipped on. and i also made an additional pink beret with pompom because it was a quick, easy hat to make.

these are all of the receiving blankets i edged for her. I went to the fabric store, picked out some sweet, different prints & edged them with a crochet edge. they are all different & i cant decide which is my favorite. it will be interesting to see the one we use the most. the one with the gray edging will be used more for Sundays as it seems a bit more elegant or dressy to me. and the plaid one stands out right now as the front runner because it's just different. i use to go buy a pack of receiving blankets & then edge them but i liked the idea of choosing the very blanket pattern also.

and these bibs were a spur of the moment purchase. i'm not a fan of stamped cross stitch. i prefer counted. but i found these on clearance at Wal-mart & decided to whip them out for Ruth while i have waited at many different appointments or practices with the other kids. we only have a few bibs for girls that we have these turned out kind of sweet. i finished the cow one today.

i didnt make these gowns but i did add the little crochet flowers to the gowns to turn them from boy gowns/sleepers to more girly gowns/sleepers. these were Levi's and i couldnt bear to get rid of them as they are in the softest of cottons, worn & true...and they easily converted to something Ruth will wear.

and these are the biggest purchases i have made for the baby. we had an infant carseat but it was gray & green for a boy. so i bought a carseat cover. and of course i had to buy a silky blanket for Ruth. all of the kids from Rachel on down have special blankets that they sleep with and she will be no exception. her's is the palest of pinks & has a heart on it. it's soft & wooly on one side & soft & silky/satiny on the other.

the only other thing we made/purchased for Ruth was this dresser. she needed a dresser in which to keep her sweet baby things. i found a solid wood dresser on craigslist for $30. clay spray painted it a "ballet slipper" pale pink & it holds her little clothes perfectly. he painted the bail pulls a brushed nickel. i love the way it turned out.

so now we are waiting for Oct. 4th....7:30 AM i will be on the operating table....and our new precious one will be with us. i can not wait!!