Thursday, January 22, 2009

a new year .... what will it bring?

well in light of the just recent inauguration, well i'm not optimistic. but that's ok. i am realistic that politicians will be just that... politicians - much to a lot of americans' dismay.

and i am very realistic about the fact that this baby will get here and i will not be pregnant! i know i should enjoy the moment, but man, the moment is fast losing it's appeal. i just want to hold my little girl.

asher just turned 2 and now he says "why? cuz!"

abby grace is demanding a chihuahua.

elizabeth is asked me if asher's penis sings.
and rachel - what can i say but she is a big help to me. she is growing up. maturing and turning into a young lady in every sense of the word and she is sharing everything about herself turning into that young woman with me & i mean EVERYTHING!