Sunday, February 5, 2017

Ivar and his Heathen Army

So its been an eventful week around here. We have 5 baby goats. Goats are fun, but baby goats are the most fun!!
First our Bonnie delivered 2, a sweet set of boy/girl twins...Ragnar & Lagetha on Sunday, Jan 29th.
Then Riser delivered a singleton named Ivar on Wed, Feb 1st. He is my personal favorite because he is jet black with one white spot on the top of his head. Also his front hooves are ever so slightly turned in...which everything Im reading says that will correct itself.
Then Annie gave birth to a set of boy/girl twins; Olaf and Elsa, on Thurs, Feb 2nd. Ruth named those as she has claimed Annie as her goat and insist that the babies of Annie are hers as well. If you have ever known an insistent 4 year old, then you understand why we adhere to her logic. There is no denying Ruthie her claim or hell will be paid.
Anyway, poor Riser was really too young to be bred but it happened...she thankfully survived as well as Ivar. But Riser isnt the best mom, plus her milk isnt enough to sustain Ivar. Yesterday we went out to check in the goats to find Ivar laying, unresponsive on the ground inside his and Riser's pen.  Basically he had been out in the cold all night with no warmth from his mother. Thankfully I had put a sweater on him that night because of the cold and I think it kept him warm enough to keep him alive.
Thankfully he was still alive. Thankfully the internet has a lot of information on caring for baby goats that have hypothermia. I acted quickly. I knew I had to warm him up. I submerged him in a warm..almost hot..bath..keeping his head up out of the water of course. After about 45 mins of the bath, I blow dried him and held him under my warming blanket. Meanwhile I was intermittently putting Karo syrup under his tongue to quickly absorb into his system to bring his blood sugar back up...which I would bet had plummeted due to not being fed by his mother as he lay dying in the cold.
After about 4 hours the little guy was like new...ready to eat. So I milked his mother....which to my dismay, she really doesnt have much milk..and I milked one of thr other does. He will take his milkie from a bottle but he also doesnt mind when we lock a doe on the milk stand. He gets in there and nurses like a champ.
Either way, Ivar is getting fed.
And the bad news is Riser has rejected him all together at this point. I have them combined and Im making her feed him but this morning her milk output was so dismal and she is so miserable I think Im going to just put Riser back in the general population and keep Ivar as a bottle baby.
So yep, thats been my week in a nutshell.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sweet & Sour

"Brothers,  what we do in this life echos in eternity." - Maximus

So we watched Gladiator last night at Levi's asking. Its a favorite..always brings tears....but last night was super crazy tears.

As Maximus lies dying, and all of Rome is being encouraged to honor him...the boys melted down into tears. Asher is always tenderhearted over the end. Levi has never really watched it to recognize what happens...but last night was different. This boy took to crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth like a pro. I thought the sack cloth and ashes were a nice point....but after 20 minutes I will admit...annoyance had sank in majorly for me. The cries of "Oh poor Maximus, why did you have to die?" really was beginning to annoy me. It wasnt sweet, cute or was straight up attention seeking, overly-tired, craziness showing itself.
I sent them to bed. The girls, however, were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Esther, who is 7, is as cold-hearted as a 43 year old, thrice divorced, liberal woman and hilarious....she says, "what are these boys blubbering about? Maximus died...Maximus died...who cares. Its just a movie.....blah....blah....blah."
She was "geez" this and "geez" that. It was quite a contrast I might add..between my sweet, tender boys and my hard cold girls. Its not always like that but it was funny.
So during the movie and after I was working on Esther's baby quilt. She has had this quilt since she was a baby. It wasnt new when she received it. A friend of ours was taking it to the thrift store and I freaked and she let me have it. It has been Esther's favorite to the point the binding is worn out completely. I replaced it with a silky binding. She was thrilled.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Long Time, No See

Did you ever use that phrase as a kid? "Long time, no see. Its probably incorrect or offensive to blind people or Indians now...and I mean the feather wearing, war paint, shirtless Indians...not the curry eating, red dot on the forehead Indians. (Talk about politically incorrect 😂.)

Anyway life has been crazy busy. I feel that since Ruth was born I have been in the pit of chaos. Trying to claw my way out. She is 4 now. She has been worth it but boy howdy she was a surprise that has kept on giving.
Hopefully I will use this space for good...not for evil. It was originally intended to be a journal of sorts for my family and our every day escapades. My friend, well my cooler BFF, Jenny, was asking me today if this space was even up still. It is.
Im finding that since I am medication free (antidepressants....dont go calling DSS) my energy level has plummeted. I barely want to get dressed....but Im trying to be healthier, lose weight, eat better...and in time I am hoping my energy level and desire to accomplish minimal task will with that said....Im trying to refocus, regroup, reblog.  Time will tell.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Asher Can Read

Today Asher took his first spelling test. He made a 100%........A+.  He is taking off with his reading finally.... as he should be considering he is almost 7 & in 1st Grade.
He said this morning while I was working with him......"Mama I can read!"  He is finally at the point where reading a word isn't that painfully drawn out torturous exercise in utmost patience for any parent helping an emergent reader.
I'm so proud of him!  His excitement over his accomplishment is contagious!!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Esther the Olympian in training

Today was a first in parenting for me. We all were outside moving chickens around & Esther was mad because she couldn't sit in the house & play electronics. 
I had asked her to walk 3 small pieces of wood back to the burn pile with Rachel and she refused.
I told her if she didnt take it I would have to spank her. She dropped the wood when I handed it to her & took off running from me, screaming.
I was completely caught off guard. My children dont run from me when faced with punishment.  It just doesn't happen.  I was a bit dumbfounded but shook myself & chased that future olympic sprinter down. She is fast & I actually was surprised I caught her with my arthritic bones acting up. She was wearing a maxi skirt...which benefited me.
I caught up with her,  popped her plump bottom & told her to go get the wood & take it to the burn pile.
She did....screaming the whole way. When she got to the burn pile she threw that wood in with all of the force she could muster.
Then she turned & crossed her arms over her chest & stood there. It took her a few minutes to swallow her little pride & join me again in the yard..but all was well now.

This picture that our friend took at her daughter's 3rd birthday photo shoot sums up Esther with all her attitude perfectly. This girl will give me a run for my money....more so than she already had done.

Photo Credit: Journey Through Life Photography,  Chesapeake, VA

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Rachel Graduates

its been super busy around here. finally a moment to write:

yes it's true, Rachel graduated high school on Friday, May 24th, 2013.
we are beyond thrilled for her and excited to see what God has for her future. because she graduated thru a homeschool co-op, they leave the "charge" to the graduate to that graduate's parents. maybe i'm biased, but Clayton did an amazing job writing a charge that fit Rachel to a tee. It is typed in its entirety below the pictures.

"Lamentations 3:22
"Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed for His compassion never fails. They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness."

Rachel, you have not been consumed, you have reached the finish line & your Mom & I love you & we are extremely proud of you.

One of my earliest memories of your education takes place in a small bedroom made into a class room at our house on Frosty Road. One day your mom presents you a question & it goes something like this.....Rachel, today is Friday, yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow will be Saturday, Rachel what is today?
With confidence in your big blue eyes you stated your reply.....Tuesday!

Zechariah 4:10 says "Do not despise these small beginnings for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin...."

Wow - look what you have accomplished with the Lord's help!

Your mother & I are extremely blessed and count it a privilege to be your parents. we love you.

If you will allow me to add to that question presented to you 12 years ago:

YESTERDAY is your past - look back as needed to learn from your mistakes, but dont live there.
TOMORROW is your future - dream God-filled dreams; run & chase after them all of your days.
TODAY is your present - embrace it, live and breath in the mercy of the Lord.

Rachel....what is your tomorrow? It's another day of small beginnings - walk it out with the Lord at your side & in your heart."

I guess it seems so good to me because I know the struggles Rachel has everyday trying to figure out her future. I also see how busy Clayton is...he was actually out of town up until 3 hours before Rachel walked across the stage to graduate....and it doesnt always feel as if he is paying attention. this was an example of how much he is paying attention & how good God is at providing just the words Rachel needed to hear. It was perfect.