Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sweet & Sour

"Brothers,  what we do in this life echos in eternity." - Maximus

So we watched Gladiator last night at Levi's asking. Its a favorite..always brings tears....but last night was super crazy tears.

As Maximus lies dying, and all of Rome is being encouraged to honor him...the boys melted down into tears. Asher is always tenderhearted over the end. Levi has never really watched it to recognize what happens...but last night was different. This boy took to crying, wailing, gnashing of teeth like a pro. I thought the sack cloth and ashes were a nice point....but after 20 minutes I will admit...annoyance had sank in majorly for me. The cries of "Oh poor Maximus, why did you have to die?" really was beginning to annoy me. It wasnt sweet, cute or was straight up attention seeking, overly-tired, craziness showing itself.
I sent them to bed. The girls, however, were in the bathroom brushing their teeth. Esther, who is 7, is as cold-hearted as a 43 year old, thrice divorced, liberal woman and hilarious....she says, "what are these boys blubbering about? Maximus died...Maximus died...who cares. Its just a movie.....blah....blah....blah."
She was "geez" this and "geez" that. It was quite a contrast I might add..between my sweet, tender boys and my hard cold girls. Its not always like that but it was funny.
So during the movie and after I was working on Esther's baby quilt. She has had this quilt since she was a baby. It wasnt new when she received it. A friend of ours was taking it to the thrift store and I freaked and she let me have it. It has been Esther's favorite to the point the binding is worn out completely. I replaced it with a silky binding. She was thrilled.

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