Sunday, May 6, 2012

flashy update

here's our sweet pup. if we are correct with our dates, flashy turned 1 on or around April 19th. he is still our sweet guy. he loves to come in the house, lay on the cold floor at my feet....that would be my foot in the picture. i was making strawberry jam. he laid there, enjoying the rest.

we did find a great home for readen and peace has reigned in our home concerning the dogs. flashy hasnt seemed to be too upset at her leaving and quite frankly, neither have the children. it really has been better for everyone.

we only have one complaint about flashy....well maybe 2......he stinks to high heaven....majorly stinks. it might have something to do with catching him with dead frogs & rolling all over their rotting carcasses. but he is a hound dog so i guess we cant expect much.
also his bark can raise the dead - literally!!!! but he has the bark of a beagle & to hear him bay on the back porch is really a delight.

i'm sure if Clay were writing this particular blog post he would say there are 3 complaints....flashy digs multiple holes....all over. he just digs & barks into the hole. it's very humorous. and he is a puppy still.

anyway, regardless of his minor faults.....we love this dog. he and calpurnia both have been allowed back into the the living space with the kids and i on a regular basis. flashy's favorite spot is passed out on any one of the recliners or sofas. he's not particular in that regard. and for the record, Asher & Levi both adore this dog. they are always poking him, kissing him, petting him. pulling on him, laying on him....whatever boys do with their dogs. they love this dog. i'm glad we have him.

"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
-Josh Billings

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