Wednesday, May 23, 2012

meet sophie "le girafe"

sophie is the one toy that when i saw it i had to have it for the new baby. this will be the only toy i buy for this baby. i have a very short list of needs - well wants - for this baby. he (we find out friday for sure) will get his special blankets, a going home outfit & a dedication outfit. otherwise...he is set.

i love the barefoot dreams blankets for babies. they are a mix of silky with organic cotton. the last 4 kids all have these 2 blankets in different colors.

he will be getting the cream colored has a crown on it. Levi has the espresso one, Asher has the blue one, Abigail has the Pink one and Esther has a different cream one with a pram embroidered on it. they are all different. Plus this one has a pillow. Levi's does also & he loves his. he sleeps on his pillow & has to be covered in his blanket first & his special quilt given to him by Mrs. Jenny second.

Barefoot Dreams Cloud Velvet Nap-to-Go

these are the receiving blankets. this baby will be getting the cream colored one with the espresso backing. it has an elephant embroidered on it. Abigail has the pink one. Asher has a burnt sand colored one, Esther has the cream colored one & Levi has the seaglass colored one. I think that's the deal. Maybe Asher's is blue but for some reason i thought it was sold out. But anyway they each have these 2 special blankets. they are keepsakes that can be passed on to their children....or i will keep them and give them to the grandchildren of my choice!!

Rachel & Elizabeth both have special blankets also. Rachel's was given to her by my sister Christi when Rachel was just 10 months old. Her first Christmas. It has Pooh Bear on it and has fringe around the edge. Rachel would tickle her nose with the fringe at night to get to sleep. Rachel still sleeps with it but sadly it is in tatters. I told her to put it up so I could sew it to some white muslin to perserve it but she cant seem to part with it. I told her it needed to stay clean because to wash it again will surely destroy it beyond repair and that would be sad. the reality is it is beyond repair now...but i thought we could perserve what is left of it.
Elizabeth has a pale pastel one with 4 different colors on it. Her's in in good shape. It also has fringe and it is on her bed as well everynight. It is the one thing - plus a little stuffed bug (i think a butterfly) with one missing antenea that she has from her life before become ours forever. it is a cherished possession for her.

Here is the type of outfit I will find to bring him home in. I love the smocked rompers. they are timeless. and notice the giraffe!
Infant Boys White Romper with Blue Embroidered Giraffe Sarah Louise

and he will be dedicated in something like this. again, it has a timeless look. i'm not about putting a baby boy in a dedication "gown" but a special white outfit is needed.

Sarah Louise Boys White Christening Romper & Cap

and then there is my diaper bag that i MUST HAVE for this baby. i get a new one with each baby. they end up being purses so i need them to, while having the function of a diaper bag, be versatile enough to look like a handbag. well if you know anything about petunia pickle bottom....they have the best bags that serve both purposes.  i have generally stuck with the "touring totes" but they have a new style out that i LOVE!!!! the sashay satchel!! i have narrowed it down - finally - to the "evening in innsbruck" fabric pattern this go around. isnt it lovely?!

so yep, those 5 things i will be getting throughout the summer in preparation of this baby as our budget allows. everything else is taken care of for him.....clothes, cloth diapers, breast feeding, bassinet....everything else is covered. he just needs his special things! (well his mommy needs him to have them!) i am in the process of selling a few things on ebay to offset the cost of these extra things as i do feel badly at their cost...but with my obsessive compulsive nature...i will have them for the baby.

it helps me stay up. i know i'm not the only one who uses retail therapy to keep their moods up. i am still a bit depressed. doing better, but's hard to get past some things. but i look at my kids...all of my babies, from my oldest at 17 to my youngest at 18 months....they are so wonderful - every single one of them...and i can get past so much because i am their Mom. they need me to be the best i can be...without baggage weighing me down.

and also, Clay & I will celebrate 19 years of marriage come next Tuesday. it seems like time has flown by and the reality has. he is a good guy who tries to do what is right. he is an excellent provider and continuing to grow better every day in his role as the Dad. we have had our ups & downs, but through it all...we made a commitment...regardless of the walk this deal out..and walking we are. this was our verse when he asked me to marry him....

"Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." Ecclesiastes 4:12

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