Monday, October 27, 2008

the election & the goings on of life here.

i am astounded at the ignorant people voting for obama. how stupid are the people in this country. we are facing a war on 2 fronts against islamic muslim terrorist and we have a guy running for president with extreme islamic views in his background and no one on the left thinks that's a bad idea. i am absolutly shocked that this socialist, american hating, supporter of baby killings even made it this far. he has no experience - nor has he done anything good for this country. if he gets in to office i expect to hear the trumpet sound.
ok, on to better things. that was a mild rant. i think i am going to have to be locked in a rubber room the night of the election or my cable needs to go out. i'm going to be a wreck.

ok now i can talk about other things.

i got a call that my Uncle Ray is not doing well. that makes me sad for my mother. he is her only surviving brother. if he dies then that leaves just her and my aunt for their family. i cant imagine that. but he does know the Lord and i pray if it is his time that he goes quickly and doesnt suffer anymore.

also, my little darling, Abby Grace, has had some choice words of late.

"What the heck...." is her new saying. she said that "my daddy" taught her that and he laughed when she said it so "it was ok to say it if daddy laughed". how do i argue with that logic?

she also told me i was stupid. well she didnt tell me - she sang it to me..and i quote. "mommy i love you. you are stupid. i am not, la, la, la, la, la". I stopped her after about the 6th la and said "did you call me stupid?" and she said "uh huh, because you are". i told her she was very naughty. and that she wasnt being polite. she insisted that i was stupid but that she loved me in spite of it. what a girl! i absolutely adore her.

i also found out today that she told a grown, adult lady at church on Sunday to "stop talking". the very nice lady who was being nice to abby, chatting with her about how she was doing, and she got shut down. the lady even tried to tell abby that she wasnt being nice and abby said again, "just stop talking". i am mortified and yet so proud at the same time. the girl knows her own mind. but she really shouldnt be so mean or disrespectful. she is a wild one and i have let that pony run - now i need to close the coral in a bit more. or maybe i should try to break her just a bit!

and my little man - well - he is the sweetest little guy in the world. he loves his mommy. the other girls on a regular basis hear "my mommy". i am really concerned about how he is going to take this new baby. i'm sure he will be fine but he will be older then abby was when he came along - he will be old enough to be jealous! but he will always be my little man. oh man i love that boy. his stunt of late has been to climb up and stand on the keys of the piano and when i walk towards him to get him down he jumps into my arms - almost before i am close enough to catch him. he is a wild one!! and like his sister, i am so proud of who he is.

also - good news. rachel finally got her 1st degree brown belt. she has learned 9 katas and she has 1 more to go for a black belt. i am very proud of her.

here is her picture.

also Elizabeth is doing so good in school. she is my little fashion queen. also Elizabeth has had rough road of late with her attitude and untruths but i would like to think she is on the upswing of understanding the negative results the bad attitude and untruths bring about for her. i have not been spanking her, but she has been on major restrictions and writing "lines" - well scriptures concerning her "issues". so far so good. i just have to be consistent with her. a small victory was yesterday. she had to put lily, our schnauzer, in her kennel yesterday. well when lily got let out yesterday morning the kennel wasnt cleaned out from the night before and she had pooed in it. well elizabeth still put lily in it without cleaning out the poo. that's a no-no. anyway, when she was asked if she saw the poo in the kennel before she put lily in it, she said YES. that was huge and believe me - she was praised to high heaven about being truthful. now she was made to go clean the poo out, but not before she was fawned over for telling the truth. that is a victory and i am so proud of her.

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OliviaNicole said...

I know this post is old but you're kids are adorable! I'm glad I finally got to see the new baby last weekend. She's absolutely gorgeous. Lol & I have no idea how ya'll tell Abby no! She looks soooo cute all the time. It's impossible to get mad at her. :) Rachel's grown up sooo much! Just think in 4 more years it'll be her graduating :). Elizabeth has got to be one of the sweetest girls I have ever met. & she's soo girly her & Emily are so much alike (only Elizabeth's nice!). & finally the boy! His laugh makes me smile. He's always so happy. I love hearing him talk too.

So pretty much I love all of ya'll.
I'm glad ya'll were able to come down.
I'll try to make it up there before I leave in August.

Lots of love