Monday, May 4, 2009

David Asher

needless to say, David Asher is not wanting to give up his spot as "the baby". he is constantly getting in the bassinet, taking the baby's pacifer, sitting in her carseat/bouncy seat. He wants to "try milkie" (meaning nurse -but i cured him of that by offering it once & he tried it & said no thank you). i can deal with holding him & reassuring him. i want him to realize he will always be "my baby" - just not the youngest. he is so darn cute!!!

i bet if batman had of been as cute as David Asher he wouldnt have worn a mask!

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OliviaNicole said...

aww. He's adorable, but i'm sorry he's sad he's not the baby anymore. :) He's still the baby boy. & gets a new little sister to play with