Saturday, October 31, 2009

october 31st, 2009

Rachel, 14 - Batgirl
Elizabeth, 10 - Wonderwoman
Abigial, 4 - Pink Super Girl
David Asher, 2 3/4 - Batman
Baby Esther Adlai, 6 mths 3 wks - skunk
what beautiful babies...if i must say so myself...and i do!!! my a are looking at my immortality...i love them all so much...they bring meaning and fulfillment to my life..Thank you God!

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OliviaNicole said...

I showed ur halloween pictures from facebook to the girls on my hall & none of us can get over how cute ur kids are. We saw A LOT of kids at some of the halloween events in downtown cleveland & NONE of them looked as adorable as your kids do!