Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Already!

whew! is it me or did the last year fly by? i think about all 2009 held and i am amazed that it has come and went.
my oldest child, Rachel -14, started high school & also earned her black belt in karate.
Elizabeth - 10, started a trying year, but with diligence & determination & is excitedly looking to being homeschooled in the fall of 2010! she also earned her orange belt & started piano lessons. she is doing outstanding.
Abigail -4, is a little dragon in karate. She started kindergarten a year early and is slowly making process...(slowely as we do the school work hit & miss). She also started piano & is amazing!
David Asher - 2....he is a wild little man. He was displaced as the baby of the family, but thoroughly enjoyes being the little lone Prince. He officially is potty training again starting today!
and sweet Baby Esther Adlai - 8 months at the time of this post, she joined the clan in April and has been a delight ever since. she is a precocious child that does the commando crawl all over the house to keep up with Abby & Asher.
what else happened...well sadly nothing else stands out on my perview except for my children.....they are growing & happy.
the only thing that stands out to me that is mention worthy is that my father had a stroke the week before Christmas...a silent stroke that ruined his vision. We are praying for his healing, both physically & spiritually.
i'm sure i'm leaving tons of stuff out.
oh we got a new puppy....calpurnia....a sweet little yorkie that has been a delight. oooh, which brings to my  mind the sadness of losing Georgia.
well i guess if i looked back at my post for the year i would remember what happened in my life huh? but that's not going to happen.
i'm hope this new year is one of purpose & accomplishments for myself & my children. i actually started running/walking today. i probably ran 1/4 of a mile & walked 1/4 of a mile. i's not much. but i did have 2 little tag alongs on scooters.....and David Asher wouldnt actually scoot. he had to be pulled on the scooter. but i want to be in better shape this year. hopefully by may at the latest see the 30 extra pounds i carry be gone and grow my hair out. i will be 40 this year. i would like one more baby. i would like to have abby reading. i would like to have asher potty trained. i would like rachel to understand algebra. i would like for elizabeth to read on grade level.
i would like for clay's company to prosper & him to be happy in his skin.
doesnt sound like too much for this year.
Happy New Year! God Bless you!
before i go....i am attaching a video that someone sent to us. Asher loves it. when i sit with him for his bedtime tuck in... i usually sit with the laptop & he requests "the warrior song". it concerns our military. it's a bit strong...but awesome. click the attachment & enjoy & be thankful.

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