Saturday, January 14, 2012

short & sweet

considering i am running out of fuel fast, i'm not going to make this a long post. i havent slept in about 40 hours. i have terrible insomnia & i can only sleep when i just crash. plus i have to teach children's church tomorrow so i have got to crash tonight. i actually was going to try to take a nap around 4:30 but Levi woke from his nap with some blood in his urine & i had to take him to the ER. thankfully, it's nothing serious...just a little yeast infection. should be cleared up the weekend.

so to recap the last 2 weeks, Asher had a birthday. my first born son turned 5. can you believe that? i cant. where did 5 years go? & he received a hair cut. he was looking way shaggy. i dont mind the shaggy for the most part...i would love to grow his hair all out to one length to rest on his shoulders, but his hair is so fine & he can look way scraggly. so i took him & got it cut. the guy cut it in a skater/surfer type hair style so it will kind of flip over his ears. he told me that Asher had the right hair to wear that skater/surfer type longer look.
he is so sweet.
he had a great birthday.

and i dont have a clue if i told y'all this or not but Levi is walking.

and we are going to SC/GA on Thursday. i'm excited about seeing my family. it's been a year. a whole year since i have been home. that's insane. the last time my mother & 2 older sisters saw Levi he was 6 weeks old. Esther wasnt even 2 yet.  that just seems so wild to me.  anyway, i'm dreading the drive but looking forward to the visit. i'm dreading the preparing the laundry & the unloading when we get back. i dreading the whining. but it's worth it to see our families.

ok, well considering i am tired, i'm going to post a few pictures on this little dealio & go to bed.
first i'm going to post my to do list before i leave town:

- finish 3 quilts
-finish feather hair clips
-finish crochet slippers
-mop/clorox kitchen floor & wipe down counters
-make commission assignments
-mail Jenny's package for her boys
-copy 17 CDroms for the Dennys
-get caught up on C&G's book work
-get pictures & video out for Mema to see
-keep laundry straight
-spray pain esther's box.

that's just the big things. that doesnt include doing math, reading, grammar, writing, science, history, typing & french/spanish, piano & karate.

it never ends.

but life is good.

ok so the pictures arent in order, but i will put captions. i'm too tried to take the time to arrange them properly.

we went to red robin for Asher's birthday. esther was watching a movie on my ipod & holding the ear buds in her ears...otherwise she was being whiny. rachel helped keep her busy too.

Asher with is 18" tall Spiderman 2 movie Spiderman. I got this spiderman off of ebay about 6 months ago for about $25. I had it hidden in my closet with every intention of giving the spiderman to Asher for Christmas. Well the little sneak went into my closet & found the spiderman so i took him & hid him in a better place & made him wait until his birthday to get Spiderman. Sadly we took him to church the day after Asher's birthday for small group & a young lady there broke spiderman in half. But dont fret...i just won another one on ebay tonight as a matter of fact. look slike i will win another one & if i do i will put it up for Levi. even clay was sick about the Spoiderman being broken. he's a cool looking spiderman & all of his hoints move. he has 67 points of articulation. and would you believe that in the last 6 months that spiderman has went up drastically in price....well for most of them. there are still deals to be had...i am only paing $32 & that includes shipping. it's still expensive for a "doll" but spiderman is a cool "doll".

our friends Edgar & April Isa came over on Friday Night & watched a movie with us - "Facing the Giants".I love that movie.  Anyway, the brought with them their dog Duke. We love Duke here. He is fun & soooo nice. love him. Plus he's cute to look at also. Well we found out that Asher has really developed a liking for Duke. as you can see from the picture, Duke doesnt seem to mind the attention.

Asher with one of his many transformer toys. he really loves his transformers & he loves polymer clay crafts. i pray things are ok today. ok i just realized i typed those words in italics. i have no clue what i am talking about. that's how tired i am...i'm typing things that make no sense. i'm going to bed.

Clay & Elizabeth while Edgar & April were here. Elizabeth has just turned into a gorgeous young lady. I'm so proud of her developing into a productive member of our family.

some of the balloons i blew up for Asher on his birthday that he released to heaven. it was fun but those balloons can choke. i guess all balloons can choke & the goal is to be super intuitive & watch yoru kids. i try, but getting the milar ones worked better.

Asher with his transformer cake. he picked it out.

Abigail & me at Red Robin's on Asher's birthday. I had gotten a InStyler straightening brush for $55. it is purple & comes with a bag to travel with it, a counter protector from the heat all the accessories...etc...Anyway i straightened my hair. i enjoy having straight hair on occasion.

oh & this is Levi after we got home from the ER with him. As per the doctor, every time i change Levi's doctor for the next week, he needs to be allowed to go "commando" for about 5 minutes before i make him get dressed. As you can see from the pictures....he likes himself pretty good.

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