Saturday, September 15, 2012

Clay & Asher

most people who know Clay know that he was never big on having a boy. actually he was never big on having children to begin with...he liked the idea but the practicality of walking it out was always hard for him.
when we found out we were having Rachel he hoped she was a girl. one of the only men i ever knew who wanted a girl over a boy. and God, being gracious, loving & ever mindful of what we need, gave us Rachel.
Rachel has been a joy....and still is. then came Elizabeth & Abigail.
And Elizabeth has taught him real sacrificial love. Our friend, Ron Braaten, a missionary in Belize, always said that when he holds his adopted kids & smells their heads...he smells Jesus. Clay understands that now with his relationship with Elizabeth. She is doubt about it.....but it's definitely a relationship that builds your walk with the Lord because it's a spiritual DNA that connects us.
Clay has said over & over again that Abigail...out of all of our kids, gives him an unconditional love that builds him up that he has never experienced with any other person.......only his dog, Georgia, provided that type of Godly love before for him in a very real, almost tangible way.
then came Asher. Asher has truly shown Clay that having a boy is a unique bond. The maleness factor is strong! Boys have this built in gene or need to play with guns, air planes, dirt, dogs, cars, trucks, swords..... a built in gene that predispositions them to wrestle, giggle at the mention of the word "poop", tease their sisters & pull daredevil stunts, like climbing to the very top of the swing set & sitting or standing on the roof of the treehouse, that scare their mamas senseless.
Clay has truly, truly been blessed with Asher. He enjoys having a little male around that wants to go to air shows & gun shows........ that wants to ride in his truck & use his drill & ride on his tractor.

Last week Clay had a house torn down. He had me meet him with Asher so Asher could go with him to see the "coolness" of the destruction of the house. Not only did Asher get to see the house getting crushed to a big pile of rubble...he got to participate! I think Clay was as excited for Asher as Asher was at getting the experience. (that's Mr. Paul helping Asher.)

Here is a picture that Clay just sent me from the trip he & Asher took to see Mema in Georgia.

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