Thursday, July 24, 2008

my boy & his chicken

well words cant even begin to describe his scene. all i will say is this boy loves these chickens. he freaks if he doesnt get to hold them. i imagine he feels like such a big boy. but what is hilarious is he throws them down when he is done. he's all boy.

and elizabeth had a birthday on tuesday. i think she had a good time. she got a skateboard, playmobils, a webkins and some cold hard cash! she was waiting on cake for her birthday and she hadnt opened her presents yet. it was a long day. we went to the water park.

abby at the waterpark. she had a blast!

And last but not least but Rachel & Buddy with the chicken. that chicken walked around with them in that bucket that Asher was carrying around. they went to check the mail together. if you could see this picture closer you might be as struck as i am at how much rachel and asher favor right down the bridge of their noses. they really adore each other. rachel always wanted a little brother. i think she likes her little brother better then her little sisters! but that's ok. they all get plenty of love from one another. i also remind rachel of all those tears she cried over wanting a brother &/or a sister. she has a triple portion now!

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