Wednesday, September 24, 2008

she has a mind of her own! good for her!

who you might ask? well duh, who else - abby grace. the girl knows her mind and will not - WILL NOT - allow anyone to change it. she is amazing. she is smart. she is funny. she is wild. she is passionate. she can be unreasonable and arguementative - but even so - she knows her own mind. it can be frustrating when she wont allow you to reason with her, but i admire the fact that she will not go through life regretting allowing someone to change her mind. i really do admire her. she has a zest for life that you rarely encounter in people anymore. life is not a chore for her - it's what she does - LIVE. what is also wonderful about it...she is setting an example for her brother that he can be who he wants to be and needs to be. i love my babies! i love my big girls too.

the story behind this........well abby wont walk on the grass AND she loves her scooter. if she is outside, she wants her scooter. as a matter of fact, if she is inside and going to bed...she wants her scooter. so she wouldnt walk with rachel to go feed the chickens so rachel put her into the wagon and of course, the scooter had to go along! maybe you can see the smile of delight on Abby's face and the smirk on her very tolerant big sister, Rachel's, face!
Again, i love all of my children.

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