Friday, September 12, 2008

chickens, chickens and more chickens

i think i'm addicted to hatching chickens. but hey, it's just chickens. so here are a few pictures of my favorite babies.....
please remember that rachel named these little guys. she is pretty much given free range on the names. the first 2 chickens are named after the country music group montgomery gentry! oh well - she is happy and they make her happy. and she totally takes care of them all. she loves all of our animals.
this is montgomery
this is gentry
this is sheeba
this is a new treo of 4 week old Silkies. how cute huh??
this is a new treo of 4 week old White Crested Black Polish Chickens. now they are adorable!!
rachel is really the chicken lady here. she loves these guys. she is the main reason i got in trouble with clay and ordered 15 more silkie eggs to hatch. i got a good deal, but still........he was not appreciative of my "deal" or my "for rachel" reasoning. especially considering i "promised" to not hatch anymore until next summer. umm....welll.....gee..... i know.. no excuse.
and here is the little chicken lady herself! she looks like she cares for chickens!

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