Monday, August 25, 2008


well i am up reminiscing. i'm hot and tired and sick to my stomach all rolled into one. it is going to be a loooooooooong pregnancy. i really dont want to be a whinner but...... i cant be anyone different then i am.

but since i was up i thought i would blog a bit. and i decided to look through the pictures on this computer. and i found this little doozy. this was about a year ago and it was taken with my cell phone but it is still so precious to me.

this is a picture of david asher right before halloween last year. he's wearing an ariel, the little mermaid, wig. i need to find the ones of when i forced abby into it. she wanted to be ariel but she didnt want to wear the costume or the accessories. but the boy didnt mind the wig at all! he is so great. i hope so much that i get another boy. but a girl would be good too. but i think i want another boy more. but then i think i like david asher being the only boy. ok, i just want a healthy baby!

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