Friday, August 1, 2008

my girl & big poops

ok, so this is probably gross to most people, but you have to realize what a feat this is for miss abby grace. she is so proud of her big poops. she makes us look at them and analyze them. it is really funny. she has major issues with pottying consistently so when she wants or rather needs me to make a big deal out of her pottying skills - well i do because i really need her to be solidly potty trained. i want new furniture. anyway, the other day she was showing clay her "big poop" and he flushed it before i was given a chance to "ooh" and "aah" over it so i promised abby grace if she pooped another big one then i would take a picture. boy she liked that idea. well guess what? she pooped another big poop. the girl can poop man sized poops. no kidding. so she said (and i am not exaggerating or adding to her words) "mommy, get your caaammmmmmmmeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" she said it in a singsong voice and she drew out the last word. so i went in with the camera and i wiped her and took a picture of the poop and then with her standing beside her poop.
ok, if you know abby then you have to realize how hilarious this is. she comes up with so much wild things and her memory is like a steel trap. she does not forget so she didnt forget my promise of taking a picture and she held me too it. i believe she has been just waiting to call me on my promise just to see if i would actually take a picture of her poop. i couldnt disappoint her could i? no way.
so here is abby grace with her poop. if you are squeamish, dont look to the right of the screen as the poop is there in the bowl. but look at her face. man she is pleased with herself. she is the coolest kid i know. and i love her so much. if she wants me to take pictures of her poop - so be it. one day she wont need me and that thought makes me want to do whatever she needs or wants me to do for her right now because in the big scheme of things "what's a little poop?" if she knows in her heart that her mommy loves her and thinks she is the coolest little girl ever. that goes a long way you know?!

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