Tuesday, August 5, 2008


man i have major tiredness seeping into my bones. i am barely functioning with how tired i am. i am sitting here typing but watching the 2 little ones - 1 is watching handy manny sucking her thumb, the other is running around with the dogs feeding them his sister's angelina ballerina dolls. nice huh? and i have no energy to do anything about it.
i guess i didnt sleep well. i dreamt last night that i had a bi-racial baby. and of course i couldnt figure out how to explain it. oh well. dreams are crazy aren't they. and i woke up and felt like i hadnt of slept at all.
i had to take the 2 older girls to VBS with friends from Karate. before they left we watched a video that rachel took on her little camera of what they were doing last night when we had friends over for supper. well it looks as if the 12 year old girl was riding abby's butterscotch horse and in all of the excitment of the moment elizabeth did a round house kick to the horse's head. we werent thrilled with it but we just commented on the kick - but it really wasnt a big deal because they were all laughing and playing. well elizabeth totally denied kicking the horse. it was so surreal watching her. we saw her do it on the video and she was saying that the video was wrong. isnt that wild? it reminded me of bill clinton saying "i did not have sex with that woman". so what do you call what he did with that woman? anyway elizabeth tried and tried to talk around it and she was so tearful. i finally said "i want to hear you say 'i kicked the horse', 'i did it'." and she did say it. i hate "making" her own up to something when i shouldnt have had to but i can not allow her to "believe the lie". it really wasnt a big deal about her kicking the horse and i am really really trying to pick my battles with elizabeth but man the lies are killing me. it seems that lying is a way of life for her and i hate that for her. and what was amazing is we all watched the video together. i swear i thought she had lost her mind. but once i made her admit it and told her to get over her attitude and dry up her tears because i did not have sympathy for her when she made a big deal out of it she seemed to buck up and be fine.
my sweet elizabeth. i love her so much. i wish she trusted me better.

ok, well i need to go save the boy from the dog. he has cookies and the dog is chasing him down. i love my babies and their relationship with their dog!

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