Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day

we were watching the National Geographic Channel and there was a program on about the Vietnam War. i am constantly amazed at how the demeanor or the tone of the speaker is always so somber when speaking about that war. now i get why that is but i dont look at that war as a blight on our soldiers.... i look at it as a condemnation of our politicians. that war was fought or tried to be fought by the politicians here at home. our men on the front lines had to put up with their bad decisions. if the armed forces had been allowed to go into the enemies' camp then there would have been a better resolution i believe.

i am starting to be afraid that we are involved in another "vietnam" with afghanistan & iraq. it's really sad to me - our men fighting...boys a lot of aspects. i do know that most of the "men" who fought in vietnam were just out of high school boys. can you even imagine?

so as we get ready to celebrate another holiday...labor day.... i am thankful for the men & women who serve in our Armed Forces and as of today continue to provide America with her blanket of freedom.

anyway, here is a picture from vietnam that i have from a friend. & the other is a picture of a friend of ours who is serving now. both are or have been called at one time in their lives... United States Marine.

he had just jumped out of an Airplane.

our friend is in the back row...2nd from the right..he was in Iraq when this picture was taken.

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