Saturday, September 26, 2009

SNL season premiere!!

i'm very excited about the new season of SNL...but really i hope it wont be too much to swallow. if it is can shut it off and go to bed. they can be funny but they can also go over the line. i read somewhere that they fired a girl from last year because she didnt lose weight. i think it was because she wasnt funny. i dont know her name, but just her face.

so i'm really dealing with some things....i am tired of holding back.. i feel like i do that constantly. i mean i realize why i hold back but i'm tired of it. it's draining. but i really dont have a choice. i would be miserable otherwise. (i'm not insane..just thinking outloud....well thinking while blogging!)

i prayed with rachel tonight. i really feel so inadequate. i'm making her really study Joshua 29. God has plans for her...she has to be open to them. it's so hard.

ooohhhhh it's raining. i love the rain. it makes everything shiny and clean. fresh. there's a lesson in there somewhere. i had a conversation with someone this week about sin nature. and yes i realize we are born with it. but then i hear the rain & i can see everything glisten and sparkle afterwards...and smell so good after a good soaking and are blessed in our sin nature huh!

someone told me about 2 weeks ago that "Jesus judged the heart not the actions of man." i pray that to be true for myself. i've been mulling that over since he said that to me.

my heart is for my children to know God. beyond that....well...what else is there for me?

ok, i'm not sure why i'm saying this or jumping all over. just talking.

it's quiet here. everyone is in bed.

my oldest niece, Olivia, will be 18 years old tomorrow. Happy Birthday Olivia!
my oldest child will be 18 in 4 years. time just flies by. it's amazing. i wonder how much time was in the day before God set darkness & light apart? how does that clock...? no time.... can you imagine?

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