Saturday, February 6, 2010

rachel turns 15!!!

my big baby girl turns 15 tomorrow. i cant believe it. where did 15 years go? i was telling her tonight about the night before her birth. man she introduced me to real pain....seriously "i think i'm going to die" pain. i was only 24 and had no clue that child birth/labor was that painful. 2 of my sisters had done it so seemingly painless...especially my oldest sister - she had done labor 2 times before me and she barely seemed to wince. plus i didnt bother to read up.....back then i was a different kind of person. being a mom changes a person. i just didnt bother to prepare...i thought that having seen my sisters & listening to their tales of labor & delivery that i knew enough....that what i saw on tv back then (as there was no discovery health channel with real live births on tv at the time) was the real deal. i seriously thought i could handle delivery pain free. i laugh now as i have a low threshhold for pain & when i went into labor i thought i was going to die. plus i will confess, i took 2 teaspoons of castor oil also to put myself into labor. obviously i was already on the cusp of labor because within 2 hours of taking those 2 tsps i was in hard labor.....strong contractions every 2 minutes & my water broke.
enough about me though. rachel came out wide eyed without a sound. what a doll she was & still is. she was always a happy baby. easy to make happy. always went along to get along. i honestly only remember 2 times when she has ever really made a fuss. one time we were at a restaurant (long since closed down) called Ryan's and she started to fuss like we had never heard her fuss. she fussed so badly i had to take her out of the building & i stripped her down in the car because i didnt know if she had been bitten by a spider or what. i could not figure out what was wrong with her. needless to say, she stopped and we still have no clue what was wrong with her. then the other time i was walking with my friend, jenny, in jenny's neighborhood - we were walking our kids, and an actually spider or bee or something of that nature got a bit too close for rachel's comfort and she freaked out - the likes i have not seen before or since from her. i do remember jenny and i standing there laughing as it was unbelievable the display. she was fine also.
rachel has always been a delight. she is giving. she is fun. she has a great laugh. i'm proud she is my daughter. here she is with her gift this year - her pig Buble'. she is in love with a pig! (literally!)

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