Monday, February 8, 2010

a recap of the birthday!

she's officially 15...she seemed a bit overwhelmed at just 15 candles. not that i would ever want to go back & be 15 again...but i wouldnt mind a few less candles this year (40 this year.....sheesh!).
this was just 1 of the 2 cakes we made this year. she requested a pound cake with a sugary glaze on it also. the chocolate cake was for the picture & for the little kids...& Daddy of course. but actually i have been told that the pound cake was one of the best i have ever made. i have learned with pound cakes when the recipe says to put the eggs in 1 at a time and mix slowly....well do so or you will ruin the cake. is a close up picture. she was very pleased with her birthday...of course she got a pig, buble' and some new earbud earphones for her ipod. she got a silver pig charm & a new book to read from us. she got money, way too much money for a 15 year old!. my mother also gave her some nice smelling perfume & lotion. she thought that was awesome. She also got a new silver necklace from my mom & dad. she got a nice hoodie and matching bracelet from her friend Candace. So all in all...she got what she wanted and then some & had a nice birthday. She's a good girl. I'm proud of her & glad she had a good day.
Here is her friend Candace.
Here is the pig! 

 now on to other subjects. We are painting in the house. lovely blues, greens & taupes. I'm so excited. here is the dining room!
that would also be the actual painter there in the picture also!
now some random shots of the other kids.....well 2 of the other kids.

Esther got busted in the homeschool cabinet pulling out markers. but man she is so cute!
a cute shot of elizabeth at rachel's birthday lunch at olive garden!
oh and here i am. annoyed at having my picture taken. i think i look like chaka chan with the hair!

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