Wednesday, June 16, 2010

abigail turned 5! among other things!

well abigail turned 5 this year - on april 20th. she is the child of promise that God assured me i would birth years ago. what a blessing she is.
she is such a bright delight. she is already starting to read & has accomplished 
1st grade math. she will be starting 1st/2nd grade this coming fall. she is taking piano lessons & she is a green belt in the little dragons program at Savior Martial Arts. She got a bike for her birthday so it was a good birthday for her.
one thing that i'm amazed at with abigail is she decided on april 5th that she wanted to ask Jesus into her heart. she made the request at bedtime that night just out of the blue. and she knew why. she knows that God loves her and that he gave Jesus to save her from her sin. she said she wanted Jesus in her heart & to live with him in heaven forever. she really got it. so clay & i said the sinners prayer with her & she has been trying ever since to be more mindful of her actions. it's really wild that i have this 5 year old that "gets it" but i have other - older children or know older children - who choose not to care about their attitudes.
so shortly after giving her heart to Jesus she decided she wanted to be baptized. she knew that by being baptized she was making a public proclamation that she was living for Jesus..."so people will know Jesus lives in my heart". so we let her talk to the pastor at our church and well...the rest is history. below is a picture of her right before in the "tank". that's clay holding her & pastor craig speaking on the microphone.
since this post is about abigail i will also add a few more nice things about her. one thing is she knows her own mind. she decided about 2 weeks ago that she didnt like nicknames. she realized that she was the only child we have that we dont call by their given name. she saw on her back pack the embroidered "abigail" and asked why it didnt say    "a-b-b-y". i explained to her about nicknames and she started to cry this heartfelt cry & and said "i dont like nicknames because that's not my name". so after 5 years of being called abby grace...she is now abigail or abigail grace & that suits her just fine! i love that she knows her mind and doesnt suffer foolishness at all. she is also very much so an encourager. she finds opportunities to encourage her siblings. before clay or i can tell them "good job" or "hey we are proud of you" abigail is doing it without being prompted. she definitely has the gifting of exhoration. she also recognizes when she has wronged someone or has done something wrong and she makes it right almost immediately. it's fascinating to me to have a child that is only 5 in age but is more of a mature soul. anyway, she is a delight & i feel blessed that she is mine.

1 Samuel 25: 3 "...and the name of his wife Abigail: and she was a woman of good understanding, and of a beautiful countenance: ...."

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