Saturday, August 7, 2010


well the harvest is in full swing here!  actually it's mostly over here @ our house as i just told clay he could mow the garden under except for the pumpkins & cucumbers. but the pumpkins are starting to come in. this is the first one & asher has been waiting on pumpkins. he is wanting us to carve a smiley face in it. he is very happy. it weighs as much as he does...actually more. so i will help him carve this & i will make a pie or two! i have never made a pumpkin pie or actually had pumpkins grow well so this is a bit exciting for me as well.
and i dont know what you think, but my baby boy surely does look like a big boy up on his pumpkin in the last picture. it makes me want to cry because he is growing up so fast. i guess it is a good thing with a baby coming, but it still makes me sad. he has been my baby boy for so long. i never want that to change. boys are awesome!

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