Friday, July 23, 2010

pictures of the birthday & other stuff

Elizabeth's birthday was a success. she was opening cards & enjoying the gifts of money & such. she received a set of sparring gear for karate. a pair of new vans (sneakers) and an outing of horseback riding from Mommy & Daddy. she received quite a bit of money from friends & family. my parents (Memeer & Papa) gave her money & a beautiful little silver bracelet & a new outfit. seeing that Elizabeth is our one of my fashionistas...that gift was right up her alley.

Abigial was very excited for Elizabeth.

Esther was thrilled to be part of the whole deal! She was wearing an outfit from Hawaii that our friends JD & Jenny gave Abigail years ago and she received quite a bit of attention because of it. I'm sure it helps that she looks a bit like cindy loo from whoville! pretty darn cute in my opinion.

Asher had just woken up before we came into Outback & he was getting wound up about this time. He barely ate a thing but enjoyed his coke very much.
This was me getting out of the van & making sure children didnt get run over. Clay thought it was the appropriate time to snap a picture. We had yet to discuss the fact that he was LATE & had kept us waiting do to work. but the main reason i look so unhappy is, quite frankly i despise having my picture made. now if i die this will be the last picture they have of me to remember me by.....ok, i kind of fits my personality.

this was at home blowing out the candles & having the ever anticipated cake!


one morning about 3 weeks ago Abigail, Asher & I got up around 6:45 AM and picked peas. unknowingly to me....clay was snapping pictures....obviously not of my good side (seriously is my butt really that big?? ok dont answer...and i was wearing black too! whoever said it was slimming has no clue what they were talking about.).
anyway the kids absolutely love getting into the garden & helping....these 2 kids....not my 2 big way!!! It was probably one of my best memories of this summer. Abigail calls the produce that we get names like "big boy", "little baby", "big red" (when it comes to tomatoes anyway)...she is so funny. but they are really helpful.

and to finish off my week...Asher asked for a "warrior" cut. it killed me to allow it. i love his long locks. (they are a bit sweaty as our a/c had been out all day). but he knows his own mind & really wanted his hair cut short like a "warrior". he even told the girl who cut it..."no spikes, just short". he would have been fine with high & tight but he at least compromised as thankfully he really doesnt know what "high & tight" means. he was just happy with the short hair. so now my sweet baby boy is officially a big boy...or still my little man!

for the record...from this day forward his hair is growing back out!

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