Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence Day

the boy wants tattoes.....he's so funny. he let abigail draw on him....the left arm is spiderman....the right arm is a bunch of "tribal" writing. they are a team & work together....but i love that..
so what did i do today? i got out the sharpies & drew tattoes on both of them. so funny. and they loved it. but i was smart...the sharpies are put up way high so they cant go about decorating themselves.

and today is independence day. we are a blessed nation. the kids at the table today were funny with why they thought america was so great....Abigail said she was glad we could have animals - which if you think about it, here we have the income to care for she was thankful for that. rachel was thankful that she could worship God. elizabeth was thankful that in america you can have as many children as you want ...pretty cool....and david asher....oh my little man said....i can have a gun!!!! that is great. he's 3 1/2 & already knows he wants guns. LOVE HIM!!! i love all of them.
it's been a good, leisurely long day. Thank God for America!

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