Wednesday, July 14, 2010

so i've been a bit busy!!!

i have been busy picking lima beans (well clay did pick most of these)......the family shelled them...i didnt have too. but this bowl is all that came out of these empty shells. isnt that a lot of work for so little pay off? they are cooking  - well being blanched now on the stove & they smell SOOOOOOOOOO good!!!! I think will end up with at least 5 quart bags in my freezer of them.

now all we have to do is shell these bad boys....well field peas!! this are just as delicious as the lima beans & well worth the effort. i've already put up 2 quarts of these. i'm hoping for at least 2 more & then we should get one more good picking off the plants. plus i was able to give my friend Jenny a mess of them.
i also need to peel & cut up tomatoes to can them. yep that's a whole lot of tomatoes. that is just 2 days worth & that doesnt include the bucket of cherry tomatoes sitting in the refrigerator. i'm hoping to get at least 8 quart jars of canned tomatoes this year. we will see. but this is what i am doing over the next few days. oh did you notice all the cucumbers??? yes well that's about 10lbs of cucumbers. i am planning on pickling about 4 quarts of them. i'm hoping it will be worth my effort. i have never done that before.

and yes you counted correctly...that is 5 watermelons. that doesnt include the one i already cut up & we engorged on at supper tonight. it probably was the best watermelon we have ever gotten out of the garden. it was the stripped kind like the one on top in the wheelbarrow. it has been in the refrigerator for 3 days & was so worth it. cant wait for breakfast tomorrow morning. i know what i'm having. so i guess in certain terms...we are enjoying our summer...even if it's work...but it's good work. tasty work & will totally pay off in the winter. i wish there was a way to save the watermelon & cantaloupe.


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