Friday, July 16, 2010

oh what a day!

ok this is my feet & legs after a long busy day. and i am only 5 months pregnant. rachel said "ewww, elephant ankles".  my kids are very real with me. abigail just told me that a lady singing (jewel) on tv must not have any kids. clay & i asked her why & she said "because she is skinny". i tried to explain to her that just because a lady was skinny it didnt mean she didnt have children.  so of course i had to push it - and i asked for it. i said "is mommy always fat when there isnt a baby in my belly?" she said "yep!" but then she followed it up with this.....and of course this made it all worth it.....she said "but mama you are still my bestest." and she just giggled. she is such a sweet, completely honest, child!

the kids (well abigail, elizabeth & rachel - who assisted) attended a bible camp this week. so tonight was family night. we took side dishes & dessert & went to listen to the songs & such that they learned this week. it had just started and people were milling about. they were getting ready to serve the food. we were sitting at the tables where everyone would be eating & we were talking amongst ourselves - clay, rachel, elizabeth, esther & me. abigail & asher were suppose to be swinging on the little swing set a few feet away. anyway david asher had decided to take a mere 3 feet away from the table we were sitting at, and in front of God & everybody, decided to drop his pants & pee right there in the dirt....WHERE PEOPLE WERE GOING TO BE EATING.  i thought i was going to die of embarrassment. he seriously didnt think anything of it. i asked rachel if she was ready to leave & she said yes. i said "what you arent comfortable?" she said "no i'm comfortable, it's them (pointing to abigail & asher) who are a bit too comfortable."

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