Sunday, July 18, 2010

the goings on around here!

so this is what i found today when i went to get esther up from her nap.... a naked bum sticking up. she is so beautiful! she is very unapologetic concerning her nakedness. i like that about her!

then i canned 12 1/2 quarts of tomatoes. i now have like 27 1/2 quarts left to go. it's so exciting. i know i'm so geeky considering this excites me but it does.....think about the soup & spaghetti & lasagna & chili i can make....yummy!!!! & the tomatoes were free....raised in my own garden!!! and it's gotten so much easier. i did learn the trick to put the tomatoes in boiling hot water for about 30-45 seconds then to move them over to ice cold water...the skins just slide right off. i have been using a knife and peeling them all by hand...i know it doesnt look like much but those 12 1/2 quarts took about 200 tomatoes....seriously...

and this is the result of standing on my feet all day......ugly, ogre looking feet. and sadly this will only get much worse by the time the baby gets here. but i will survive. it means good weight loss within the first 2 weeks of delivery also!

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