Friday, October 22, 2010

kids @ the mall & notifications.

this picture was taken at the mall in a photo booth to keep the kids occupied while I was searching for the lost van keys....that the manager of macy's had. thank goodness we were able to reclaim them. it was a long night & i got this great picture of the kids. by far one of my favorite pictures ever of the kids.

so i think i've made the decision to make this blog known to my family. i did have it listed on my info page on facebook but i am no longer on facebook and feel like this will be a better avenue for my family to see the goings on here when i post if they want to. plus my mother has never been on facebook so she can easily bookmark this page if she wants to and wont feel like i'm leaving her out. i've been pretty slack about sending pictures in email since joining facebook.
i never really made it a big deal because it's just a personal journal to me. i have always thought blogs were a bit, who cares about the silliness of my family life? but that's the beauty of it i guess....if they dont want to read it, they dont have to. i just dont want people to read it & think i'm being obnoxious. it's just a personal journal for myself & the kids. i can easily print it into a book. it helps me keep a record. clay reads it occasionally. he's not a big computer/internet person but he's ok with this. he has always hated facebook anyway. it's not a statement or opinion  - just a record of our lives & there is no dialogue so it shouldnt get me in trouble right? we will see.

i guess i will take a deep breath & send out a notification. wish me the best!

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