Saturday, May 14, 2011

cement footprints & a milestone

we had some cement laid this week. it was the first stage of getting our driveway cemented. i have been wanting to do this for a while so the kids would have a bigger spot for riding bikes & scooters. it's also a larger canvas for sidewalk chalk picasso wantabes. on the last day when they finished laying the cement we got everyone outside in barefeet & left our mark in the cement - as this is most likely our house for life. i felt bad for the men as they were working so hard to make the cement smooth & pretty. but they told me since we were paying the bill we could step in it all we wanted to!

that's a lot of foot prints. we went from oldest to youngest - Clay's are the first prints on the left & little Levi's are the last little set on the right. as crazy as it sounds, i would add more to it!

and for a milestone....

our friend Jenny's little girl, Julia - who is 4, learned to ride her bike last week without training wheels. i mentioned it to Abigail yesterday & she said she was willing to learn in the grass if we took her training wheels off. Abigail is 6 & is very proficient at the scooter so i really didnt think this would be a problem for her. Clay took the training wheels off today & within an hour Abigail was riding along like she could always ride a 2 wheeled bike. i'm very proud of her. Rachel & Elizabeth both learned when they were 8 years old - but they were both smaller - probably about the same size Abigail is at Abigail is better able to handle the weight of the bike. But again, I am so proud of her. It's a big step. also when i asked Abigail who taught her to learn how to ride her bike i thought she would say "i learned by myself" but she said "Elizabeth!!!" come to find out Elizabeth had been giving her pointers. it's nice to have big sisters!

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