Wednesday, May 25, 2011


call us crazy but we have a new puppy. he is a sweet little beagle - 5 weeks old. he's a little tri-colored male with a blaze across his head. asher met him & immediately said "his name is flash". i just hope he doesnt run around like beagles usually do in a flash. i am believing because we have him so early that he will bond with us & that we will train him like we do our other dogs and he wont be much of a runner. plus i plan on getting him neutered ASAP!! i cant think of a better dog for a boy to have and asher adores him. he was a spur of the moment, in an instant decision & i'm glad for it. he's a perfect fit for our family. our neighbor has a little male beagle who is unaltered & he doesnt run at all. so there is hope that "flash" will be a stay-at-home kind of beagle!!
also everytime levi sees the puppy he smiles & his feet start moving & he starts moving his arms wildly so tonight we let him "hold" the puppy. i think he is pleased!
i really am surprised at how small this puppy is. rachel took some pictures of him in a small coach purse that she was given to give an idea of how tiny he is - so sweet & he has the best puppy breath! and that is one of the 3 best smells in the whole world!! puppy breath, a baby's head, & your man's neck at the right moment.

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Jenny said...

That is so hilarious. He looks pleased with himself - another dog and kid around the same age like Liberty and Abby!