Tuesday, November 29, 2011

in light of God's standard

i cant win with certain people. i cant say anything. i cant comment. i cant have an opinion. it really stinks. i'm really not being neurotic. i dont want it to be about me. but i know it is. and it hurts too -- to be so misunderstood by someone who is suppose to know me and know my heart.

can you feel flashy's emotion in this picture? he is just hanging his head in disappointment. he had to wear the muzzle. the reality is he hadnt done anything wrong but because we had put them on readen & calpurnia - who fight, we put it on him too just to be fair & just in case he decided to get into the fray. he didnt. he ended up laying down & sleeping. (i know i keep saying this, but that is an excellent dog! & i love him dearly!)
well the way he looks is how i feel....just that defeated & disappointed. i dont want to fight. i dont want to be misunderstood. i dont want to assume. i wish it would just be said & done & over with...but it never is. that's never how it's done.
so i am left with the realization that i need to just move on. keep my head up. keep doing what i am doing.....trying my very best to do what i'm suppose to do: be the best i can  be in light of God's standard - whether it's being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend......whatever hat i am wearing....be the best i can be in light of God's standard.

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