Monday, November 14, 2011

levi turned 1

so yep a year has gone by & Levi is one. he is a sweet boy who i love dearly. i hate that he has to grow up. i wish i could bottle these little years up & keep them forever!

he was stunned most of the he had no clue what was going on. he eventually ate his cake & enjoyed himself. We had some dear family friends over for some cake & ice cream. It was a small gathering & went by way too fast. I wish we lived closer to actual family but that isnt the case so we really do appreciate all of our friends who we consider family spending an afternoon together with us & our wild, loud bunch!
i will have to post pictures later as i'm tired.
it's been a rough week & 1/2. Clay, Rachel & Elizabeth went to Belize, Central America last week. they helped a man named Eduardo build a building to house his business to support his family & they helped sheet rock Allison & Heather's house (newlywed missionaries that help Pastor Ron) & they helped with preschool.
But for the last 4 days at least, 6 out of 8 of us have been sick. I took 5 out of the 6 children to the doctor today. Rachel has bronchitis & is on 3 different meds. Abigail has bronchitis & is on 4 different meds. Asher has strep throat & fluid behind his ear & he is on 1 med, Esther has bronchitis & is on 3 different meds, & Levi has a viral infection - the doctor thinks - that is causing some asthmatic wheezing so to be safe Dr. V gave him the same type of antibiotic and he is also on 2 other meds in his 2 times a day at least breathing treatments. The ones on breathing treatments (Abigail, Esther & Levi) have to take them 2 times a day (unless they wheeze badly during the day and will need a "rescue" treatment of just albuterol) for the next 2 weeks. Rachel is on an albuterol inhaler & a steriod inhaler for the next 2 weeks also. Elizabeth is the only one of the children that is not sick - thank goodnes. Clay is not sick either. I have a touch of bronchitis. Enough to be annoying but not enough to get me in bed & down for 2 weeks.


Jenny said...

Well, just stopping in to remind you to be thankful - (ok, you can delete me now :)

On A Hot Tin Roof said...

ok you are hilarious!! but thanks for the reminder! i am thankful that i have so many people reminding me to be thankful.
but in all seriousness i realize how blessed i am....that we have a great doctor, that we had money in the bank to pay for the doctor & meds & that we have insurance (regardless of it costing us $15,000 a year + co-pays for everything!) i'm beginning to think we might be better off just paying as we go as i know we dont spend that much in medical bills if we paid out of pocket for everything - except when we have a baby or Clay has surgery...but why take the chance? and i'm glad that i put stuff on ebay & had the extra money. i added things today to make up for it. i really want to pay for christmas this way if at all possible. i should have been saving up all year but i have no discipline!
anyway love you friend. you are funny! and i'm not deleting you!