Sunday, December 18, 2011

because rachel said so

well things are pretty bad when rachel has to tell me to post a blog update! it has just been way busy around here. i feel like i'm drowning & i hate feeling this way around Christmas time. i want to enjoy this time of the year rather than rush through it.
the kids are so excited......i havent been able to put presents under the tree yet because i dont want to hear the whining for them & i dont trust asher, esther or levi not to rip the packages open - but i totally understand their excitement & anticipation.
i am going to start baking tomorrow - more than the 1 batch of brownies i have already made & the 2 batches of chocolate chip cookies we made. and i realized this year that the tollhouse chocolate chip cookies recipe that makes right at 4 dozen cookies from one batch are the best ever. those lasted barely a full 24 hours in our house.
i am going to make fudge, peppermint chocolate rolls, pumpkin rolls, brownies, cookies, special gummy many different things. i'm giving a lot of it as gifts along with my canned jams & salsa.

there isnt too much to really talk about or that i am allowed to put on here for the whole world to read.
levi is almost "really" walking. he is so proud of himself. that boy has us all enthralled with him.

i have one caution that i will share with you & then some pictures: if you are trying to lose weight (like i am - 17lbs down so far!! roughly 25lbs more to go!!) do not get anywhere near the white chocolate reese's cup christmas trees. they are sooooo good & so addicting! it's so bad for me that i had to throw them into the top of the cabinet where i cant reach them without getting a chair to stand on to get them back down! you have been warned!!

this is levi taking a bath. he loves taking a bath! i couldnt get him out. he played in there until he was shivering - as i drained the water before i let him play in the tub by himself.

Elizabeth thought it was funny to put one of Esther's dress-up wigs on Levi. As you can tell from the picture, Levi was not happy with the idea. Elizabeth had also put Asher's white church shirt & tie on Levi & she was calling him a doctor. I'm not sure how that all worked but it didnt last long as Levi did start to fuss to get the wig off.

Levi after church today. He is so cute in his raccoon hat & little Baby Gap Peacoat!!

Levi standing in the middle of the floor and taking steps. Just a few here & there. It wont be long & he will be running. Such a precious little man!

ok, ignore the wrinkles under my eye. i took this picture of my eye & sent it to rachel's phone via text message & told her i was watching her. she said it was creepy! i thought it was funny.

we went to a friend's house on Wednesday & raked the pine straw up out of their yard. she is very nice to let us have it & we are blessed to have it as well. it helps in our garden in the summer - keeping the plants hydrated. i thought levi looked sweet sitting there in the grass. it was a beautiful day & it wasnt really that cold at all. we are going back the week after christmas.

this is rachel at our local thrift store trying on fur coats. she really wants one. they remind her of Narnia. if i can find one in good condition i will buy her one some day. the only issue is this particular one made her nose & eyes start to itch. she was so cute trying on that old fur coat. & they wanted $69 for it. that was a bit out of our price range for a fur coat with bare spots!

and here are the 4 wild ones in the bath tub last night. i know it seems a bit much to put 4 in the bath tub together but it can be easier & quicker. i do think abigail needs to start taking her own.....and asher wont be far behind. right now it is just so convenient to get it done quickly and they still love taking baths together. abigail hasnt hit that embarrassed stage yet but i do feel it's coming. these kids are so much fun. they love each other, they love their mom, dad & older sisters. they love Jesus, animals & chewing gum (except for levi who doesnt chew gum yet).  they are so special & sweet & i am madly in love with them all.
Merry Christmas.

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