Friday, December 23, 2011

late night/early morning

it's 3:47AM and i am wide awake. i had to put ribbons on about ....well not about, but exactly 103 christmas ornaments. those ornaments with the glitter & paint in them that i showed you in an earlier post...well they are finished - as finished as they are getting this year - & will be off to clay's work tomorrow*ahem*today to hand out to his employees. i love them. they are so random & they are all different (the ornaments, not the employees - even tho they are all random & different also....and i like the ones i know!)
so i did that & now i'm just not sleepy. and really what's the point? it's almost 4AM. i guess i could get 2 hours of sleep. i have to wrap presents today & put abigail & esther's dollhouse together. i'm done baking.
on saturday i have to get the food for Sunday started...the dressing, gravy, potato salad, deviled eggs...chill the cranberry sauce, make sure the turkey is ready to warm (we get a honey baked turkey breast that is plenty for us - we also have ham). i know i'm forgetting something but i will remember soon enough..maybe it's sweet potatoes. oh well. it doesnt matter.

anyway, i was just going to post a few pictures of my favorite things from Christmas this year.
I really love these glitter animals. particularly the goats & the deer. call me crazy but i love them. we also have a big horse (the rump is in the picture with the goat) and some moose along with the rest of the forest!


and i bought this glass bottle at the thrift store & it struck me so i bought it. being a sound, proud Southerner i really should be ashamed & should have just bought the bottle to smash it to little pieces...but i has a picture of General Tecumsah Sherman....the very Sherman who ordered Hot Lanta burned oh so many years ago. i havent figured out what i am going to do with it for now it sits on my counter...waiting.

 White's Good Services (I think is their name)...sent with their Christmas card, a coloring picture page for any child a certain age to color, mail back to them & the best one would be picked & given a $25 Toys R Us gift card. Abigail was the only one in the age group that could turn a picture in so she did. Well we received an envelope back today from White's Good Services with what felt like a gift card in it. Abigail opened it & immediately got excited because they had returned her picture with a note on it. She didnt win first place, but she did win a $5 gift card to Skinny Dip Yogurt for her effort. I was so happy for her. The picture was of a family reading about Jesus.

so we know i cant post a blog hardly these days without a picture of flashy. i love this dog. he is the best dog in the world. he looks like he is smiling with his eyes in this picture.

here is elizabeth. she is so helpful with everything. she is growing so fast into a young woman. we have started letting her wear lightly tinted lipgloss. that made her very happy. we are taking baby steps.

Esther wallowing around, waiting on supper. Esther loves those yellow ankle high duck boots. they zip up & are easy on & off. She wore them all day....& yes, i purchased them at the thrift store, in excellent condition for very little money.

here is asher drinking my diet coke

here is rachel from her last week at Co-Op...she had to give a speech so she dressed up. such a beautiful young woman.

here are a few of levi, 1 brushing his teeth after he had smeared toothpaste all over himself, 1 looking out the window, which he can now walk to & 1 with Clay, hamming it up for the camera. levi has an uncanny knack for knowing that he is the baby, the center of attention, & he uses it to his full advantage. it's amazing to me that a 13 month old knows that, but he does! totally!

and these last 2 are of me. i didnt know that rachel had been taking pictures of me. the only reason i am posting them is because i can tell i'm losing weight. 17lbs down is a big deal! the 2nd one was of me giving rachel a scowl for taking my picture! it is what it is!  

Merry Christmas!

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