Sunday, December 23, 2012


i can honestly say i will never buy a can of cinnamon rolls again. i found a recipe for cinnamon rolls off of pinterest. i thought they would be good on Christmas morning with a side of bacon and coffee. i made them tonight to see if they were as easy and as good as the pinterester said.......she didnt lie. abigail will be thrilled. she is my cinnamon roll girl. dont get me wrong...we all like their sticky, gooey goodness...but it puts abby in a good mood when she finds out we are having them.
click the link for the super easy & super good recipe for super good cinnabunns!!

homemade cinnabuns

i love pinterest and all of the recipes and ideas about fashion, decorating, education, crafting....

now for whatever reason the mention of bacon in this post made me realize i need to buy salad fixings for Christmas to cut through the carbs.

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