Friday, January 11, 2013

david asher turns 6

so where does 6 years go so fast? it seems like yesterday that Asher was being born. it was a fun day reminiscing with him about his emergency entrance into the world. kids love to hear "their stories".
all i know is this little boy has had his hand on this mama's heart since he was born.  i know that not a day goes by that i dont look at him & find myself having to rub the good kind of hurt that speaks of love from my heart so i can breath a little easier. he is my little joyful that is so tenderhearted and kind, wild and funny.

speaking of hurting hearts...oh this little girl makes me melt. i'm so madly in love with this sweet princess. she is the "it" girl right now! she is such a happy girl. she just turned 3 months old last Friday. time FLIES by when you are loving life & babies!!!

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