Saturday, February 2, 2013

lala is dead

ok, i have to write this down lest i forget. i want to be able to re-tell this tale to Esther's children one day.
for reference Esther has said for a long time that she has a friend named "Lala". Lala is imaginary. We havent heard about Lala in a while & Esther is fixated on people getting eaten by wolves.

tonight Asher & Esther were coloring together in the floor & Asher asked Esther, out of the blue,
"Esther, where's Lala?"

Esther: "She no me friend no more." (I am writing the way she said it...not misspelling.)

Asher: "What happened to hur?"

Esther: "She no me friend no more. Me not like her. She got eat by a wolf."

Asher: "Huh? Wolves ate hur?"

Esther: "Yep. She no me friend no more. I say "wolf, eat her." the wolf eat her and she no me friend no more."

Asher: "OK."

I told Clay (we were sitting around them & listening), I dont want to get on her bad side as she is one tough girl. She told the wolf to eat her best imaginary friend. And I love that Asher just accepted what happened to Lala like it was no big deal that his 3 year old, baby sister had her best imaginary friend eaten by a wolf.

Here is the little cut throat girl who i adore!

also, this little crazy girl didnt want to go to sleep tonight. and after looking at these pictures with her sparkly eyes I wonder why i didnt want to sit up talking to her all night. She is so happy & expressive. Her eyes sparkle! Ruth is just a delightful baby. She sleeps thru the night. today she slept until 11:15AM. She went down at 10PM. That's craziness, but I wont complain! I just kept checking to make sure she was breathing. She finally rolled over yesterday morning from her back to her belly. she is a big girl...healthy. She goes Wednesday for her 4 month check up. She is in up to 6 month clothes...that's 13-17lbs & about 24 inches (i think is the measurements). Tonight I put a sleeper on that she has had for about 6 weeks & it's getting snug. I dont know if we will make it to spring in her 6 month wardrobe but I dont want to purchase anymore cold weather clothes. we will see!
the pictures may look identical but they are all slightly different. just couldnt get over how pleasantly inquisitive she looks in these pictures.

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