Monday, February 25, 2013

lay down sally

ok so the title has nothing to do with this post except that's the song i was listening to when i decided to post these pictures.
for those of you who might be musically illiterate when it comes to certain genres...."Lay Down Sally" is a song by Eric Clapton. one of my all time favorite of his songs.

anyway we are dealing with a round of pink-eye (Clay, Esther & Foofs), a 2nd round of antibiotics for a persistent ear infection for Levi & Esther woke up throwing up at 5AM. i believe she got overheated sleeping with Abigail. so far there hasnt been any more vomiting so i can hope that was a fluke.

anyway, we are planning on a trip to SC this weekend. i hope we get to actually go.

so today i took Rachel to her math tutor & then did some thrift store shopping.

2 notable items were a watch.....a very nice Anne Klein Diamond Collection watch. and a pair of clear acrylic fancy high heel shoes for Esther. she hasnt taken them off since i got home with them.

i paid $4.58 for this watch. i knew that the Anne Klein name is usually a decent purchase....especially 2nd hand. i have some leather shoes of hers that i bought at the thriftstore for cheap but practically brand new. a lot of times i will come home & price items on the internet to see how good of a deal i scored. well i had to go get a battery for this watch which cost me under $5. so i spent a total of $10 on this watch. it's the gold tone & stainless steel. it has been confirmed that, while small, that is a real diamond in the 12 position. i am pleased. it's a delicate, petite looking watch. if i had of bought this watch brand new I would have paid between $85 & $125.

these are Esther's new shoes. she is in LOVE with them. she the heart in the heel of the shoe? so cute.
for $.99 i didnt do too bad to bring a smile to my baby girl's face! 

Esther is feeling a bit puny, had just gotten out of the bath, but was proud to take this picture. she is wearing the shoes.

and here is Asher. the last picture i posted of Asher was the one of him wearing a goofy getup that he  likes to wear when he is feeling "cool" with a hat & sunglasses. so here is my sweet boy. he is a tender, precious fellow as well as a bit silly at times!

hope you are having a good monday.


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