Saturday, February 16, 2013

rachel is 18

it's official!!! rachel turned 18 on feb. 7th. she mentioned that she didnt see a post concerning her 18th birthday. here it is!! i also informed rachel that now that she is officially an adult at 18 & has no job & no drivers license that she is officially a moocher......she is mooching off of us, her parents now! she thought that was funny! i wont go into detail as I probably cant take it......the crying -  because i cant believe my beautiful fun girl is 18. on her actual birthday we took rachel to outback to celebrate. it was the first restaurant we took her to when she was a baby...3 months old...sitting in her carrier carseat up on the table. time flies when you are having fun & she has been fun.....a lot of fun. i adore her. we all adore her.

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