Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bath Time!!

well there is nothing like a long hot day at a festival to make you want to come home and take a nice long bubble bath. the kids loved it minus the bubbles. i wont be making that mistake again. they kept rubbing them in their face and that's no fun. but they did like them at first. and no the water isnt so hot that their faces are that red. i'm just a bad, bad mother. they are sunburned from the "festival" today.

this is the only face shot i could get of the boy. he didnt want to stop what he was doing to look at me long enough for a picture. and he screamed when i got him out. but i made it up to him. we had strawberries with caramel on them!!

i'm just going to list all of the adjectives that come to my mind about this girl in this picture. beautiful, fun, wild, voluptuous, innocent, happy, wet, .... the list is long. she was playing with her barbies and having a ball. what a great way to end the day.

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