Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Night Blues

i hate friday nights. i have nothing to do. i'm sitting here typing in a blog and i have nothing to talk about. i cant decide if i want to share this blog with the world. i mean who really cares right? it's kind of pretentious too - the more i think about it. my sisters would probably think i was being uppity. but truly i think it is an easy way to let people who care know what is going on with the kids. i think i will just post here and when people ask where the emails are i will have them check it out and really not worry about what they think.
tonight was good. i took a bath with my 2 babies. man i love naked babies. especially my own. their butts are soooooooooo beautiful. when i got naked abby grace, the 3 year old, smacked my naked butt and it hurt. she made it sting and of course she added "mommy you got a big butt!". it's not like it's a j-lo butt. but it is out there i guess. it's bigger then hers. and then she starts shaking hers and telling me i cant get it. and of course david asher wants to get in on the action so he starts shaking his. so we have some butt shaking going on.
the boy had cookie crusted to his face. it was nice cleaning him up. it's like he went from this dirty canvas to my sweet little prince again. but he is cute either way - cookie laden or sparkling clean.
and what is amazing to me still is how much different he is then the girls. i mean i know he is a boy's so ingrained in him to be a boy. abby picks up her 2 barbies that stay naked in the bathtub and started playing. asher grabs the shaving tool (it has no blade - it's like a minature scqueegie that you use with nair that removes the unwanted hair) and starts pounding the water like a mad man. he would look up ever so often and blink the water out of his eyes and just smile that smile that let me know he was having a ball. and it also meant "hey mom arent i the cutest thing you have ever seen?" and of course he was right.
and what is so totally awesome is they both love the being naked part after the bath. oh i love that. and what i love also is that rachel & eli both like seeing their babies naked too! they start chasing the 2 little ones to get a pinch or two on those little butts. oh i love that.
so now they are all in bed. rachel, being the young teenager that she is, tries to find any excuse to stay up longer. eli complains EVERY night of some ailment and she always tries to leave her door open - which is forbidden in this house - in case of fire.
and the 2 little ones went to bed - seemingly readily. the boy in his crib and the wild girl in her bed. all abby demanded was of course her "songs". the boy laid down and crash landed. abby put her thumb in her mouth and then crash landed herself.
so now i am sitting here wasting time.
i love my babies.
oh man i was so emotional today. oprah was a rerun but they showed these 2 families who had tragic accidents happen to them. one little girl was decapitated in a car accident (friggin' drunk driver) and her mother was the only one able to walk out of the car accident and when she did all she had was her daughter's head in her hands. the impact was so hard that the seat belt severed the 7 year olds' head. so not only was i crying at that point but they went on to tell how a grandmother backed over her 2 year old grandson in an suv. she couldnt see him. man it was bad. you would have to bury me with my babies. any of them. i cant imagine how a mother or father or grandparent survives the death of one of their babies. i'm not that strong.
on that note.....later.

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